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My First Build: Candy White GTI

After reading through countless build threads, I figured it'd be a good idea to keep track of everything that that happens on my new ride - if for nothing else than my own records. I did some very minor modifications back in my high school days to a '93 Ford Probe, but since then have driven work trucks/vans so am basically new to the build/modding world. My most recent vehicle was an '07 Chevy HHR Panel that I've used for my mobile detailing business as I just couldn't stand larger trucks anymore and this was literally my only option for a "car" with enough storage space:

Since recently getting a fixed location shop for the business, I no longer needed a work vehicle, and I knew I'd finally be after my first GTI. After a lot of researching and looking at pictures, I decided I wanted a white, 4dr, 6MT and finally found one that fit my budget, was in great condition with 96k miles on it, original owner, and bone stock... in Philadelphia (I'm in Central Oregon). Long story short, I had it looked at, bought it, shipped it to Portland and picked it up a couple weeks ago. Maiden voyage back home:

So, I'm not sure where this road will go exactly, but having my background in detailing, its probably gonna start with fully detailing it to get it back up to proper standards, cosmetic upgrades, maintenance upkeep, and probably some performance mods after I get my feet wet and make sure everything's in great shape.

Having a wife, two kids, a house, and being self-employed things might go slower than what I want, but I figure I'll only put 6-7k miles on it a year, so hope to have it for a solid amount of time to get plenty accomplished.
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