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COBB Tuning DSG ROM Collection

Hey everyone! One of the single biggest requests we've seen since releasing our initial Volkswagen GTI Accessport is DSG tuning. I'm happy to report that we are indeed working on adding DSG tuning support to the Accessport! Our Volkswagen Engineering team has asked for me to help collect information off of DSG transmissions to ensure we have support available for all known iterations upon release.

We are turning to current Accessport users to send us the DSG ID from your car. Since this requires a bit of work on your end, I'm going to add a bit of an incentive. Each person that submits a DSG ID file via our ROM Submission page between now and the end of November will receive a 10% discount coupon to use on the DSG upgrade once made available. One person will also be selected to receive a free DSG upgrade! Woo!!

Great, so what is involved?

If you have connected your Accessport to your computer with Accessport Manager running in the past few days you may have noticed a firmware update with notes relating to collecting DSG transmission information.

You will first need to update your Accessport to firmware version

Once the firmware update is complete, take the Accessport out to your car and complete the following steps.
  • Turn Ignition to ON (engine OFF)
  • Plug Accessport Into OBD Port and Power On
  • Select the Troubleshooting Menu
  • Choose the "Identify Vehicle" Option
Once the process is complete, back out of the Troubleshooting menu, disconnect your Accessport, turn the car Off, and head inside to your computer.

Connect the Accessport to your computer, fire up Accessport Manager, and select "ECU Data" from the Files drop-down filter.

You should see a "vehicle_identification.dat" file populate in the list below.

Save that file to your computer (drag & drop) and head to the ROM Submission Page.

Fill out the required (*) fields and be sure to choose dual clutch under the transmission type before submitting.

That's it! After submitting you can sit back and keep an eye on your Inbox for your coupon code! We will send them out once DSG support is released.

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