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Mysterious power loss 3-4k WOT APR stage 2

Recently developed a power loss at 3-4k from mid-low rpm wot. usually gears 4-6. I have sifted through several forums, but have not found anything concrete.

45k stock clutch, stock coils and spark plugs. Stage 2 APR v2.4 low tq file.

Plugs and coil packs are due for upgrading, although I have had no misfires or stored any codes/ displayed any CEL through vagcom. So I don't want to start replacing things that may not be the culprit.

Manual transmission: The clutch was my first suspect, but after noticing that the clutch is not "slipping" (revs don't shoot up briefly) and I have not smelled the clutch burning, I dont think its the clutch.

Gears 4-6 WOT: starting at ~2.5k rpm, rpm rises, climbs to about 3.5k and BAM.. hits a brick wall. power loss & rpms drop. 1-2 seconds later they pick back up and continue to climb (slower then normal).

The car feels much slower overall.

Logs show boost values are consistent, not showing me a boost leak. GFB DV+ installed.

Clutch doesn't display the classical slip symptoms, although during the power loss the indicator which tells you what gear you are in goes away, as if in neutral.

No stored codes via VAGCOM or CEL present. No misfires as well.

Anyone else have a similar experience? I have emailed APR and have yet to receive a reply.
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