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Old 12-31-2017, 06:15 PM   #1
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Dual Yellow/White LED Foglights

Hey folks,

Just starting to do some mild modifications to the GTI. I am looking to essentially create a sleeper GTI, when parked, you would have no clue there were any mods done, but in motion, a whole different story. I have added LEDs for the rear license plate area, and I have got deAuto Key LEDs for the rear backup lights. I was looking for headlights, but for now I have purchased deAuto Key LEDs for the DRL/High Beam until I figure out which aftermarket headlight I want to get (Suggestions welcome) or if I want to leave the housing stock and just upgrade bulbs.

Anyway... I found these online, and I was wondering if you all think they would trigger a bulb out error:

They sound pretty clever actually. 6K white, 3K off, can be switched between colors by turning them on and off. 12volts / 38 watts rating.

I appreciate your help guys! Just starting off here, so I tried to search the forums first before I asked my question
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Have never seen anyone else running those but great idea i wouldnt mind trying a set myself!
buildie buildie..
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Old 01-04-2018, 02:41 AM   #3
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First, thanks for the support, we appreciate it, we are only posting to help guide you but at the end you can make your own decision and not saying otherwise.

But, we have seen these and found they are not a clean white and the yellow is not a hyper yellow, the brightness is not there either for many that want a real fog that can shine past the headlights.

These are also a very cheap COB that are not the best or most reliable and most likely why they are only offering a 6 month warranty on them. COB stands for "chip on board" - this is the term used when they are using many random/no brand LED diodes. Somehow, COB was advertised by a few companies like it was a CREE, OSRAM, or Philips branded chip set but due to forums and more informed customers "COB" is not advertised as prominently any longer.

These are maybe a decent gimmick type setup at best if you have the time to waste installing them, but we are not putting down that specific brand, only pointing out some things we noticed and saw from these dual color fogs.

At the end we suggest buying a higher end very bright fog and either leaving it white or adding lamin-x to make it yellow.
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How pimp would this be if u could code white light for drl or cornering and yellow for fog.

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