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Old 01-27-2018, 12:31 AM   #57
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Originally Posted by GreyGti1990 View Post
But when I google my car I see a curb weight of 3,113lbs and a 2-door (with sunroof and manual tranny) at 3,034. I'm also pretty sure that when VW reports these numbers its with a full tank of fuel. But anyways I'm real curious as to what my car really weights in its race weight. I'm hoping for 2,9xx.

This is what I'm thinking just by searching the web for weight figures:

Starting weight 3,113
Just so you know I didn't google my cars starting weight I weighed it with 1/4 tank (~30 lbs) at 3120. 2dr with no sunroof
2800lb k04'd daily driver

Radical Edward
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Originally Posted by Injen1us View Post
Only downside is it limits ALOT of after market BBKs
Do we have any idea which ones do work? I saw a thread around here somewhere that showed the Apikol Porsche caliper brackets fit if you got a slightly shorter bracket bolt or ground away a to y amount of material from the spindle. My first thought is that grinding away material isn't such a great plan, but it looked like such a small amount that it shouldn't !after. I'm not an engineer though, so I'm happy to accept that I might be wrong about that.

For a track driven car that gets bounced off of curbing every now and then I think the stronger spindles are very desirable.
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