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Old 01-12-2018, 03:04 PM   #1
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How would I go about installing H7 LED's into Spyder headlights?

Ever since I swapped my OEM halogens for Spyder's, the yellow H7 bulb and the white LED DRL combo never sat well with me.

How do I go about installing H7 LED bulbs into the projector housings? On Spyder headlights, the bulbs are held in place with a metal retainer clip, then the wiring is plugged directly into the bulb itself.

After doing some looking, it appears that in almost every review (especially for a VW) people needed to do "modifications" to get the bulb to fit/work. What are these modifications? It also seems like some needed additional hardware as well.

These are the types of bulbs I'm looking at:

Does anybody have any experience with this, especially with Spyder headlights?
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I don’t have experience in the respect of having fitted these specific parts in this configuration but If they’re just normal H7 bulbs held in with a wire clip then the LED bulbs will fit straight in, they’ll possibly be a little difficult to fit though due to space! The modifications you talk of are when people are fitting (illegally due to beam scatter) HID kits to the original halogen headlamps as the H7 bulbs are in a VW specific holder that needs replacing, as you have projector headlights you would be ok fitting an aftermarket HID kit as you have a proper cut off! This would give you the best light output/beam pattern, the LED bulbs of the type you mention give poor results as they don’t reflect in the projectors reflector bowl properly.

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