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Old 03-08-2018, 10:52 AM   #253
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Originally Posted by riceburner View Post
Going into the meth zone...

I've been collecting a few parts so far:

* BSH throttle pipe
* SNOW upgraded solenoid (for just past the tank I believe)
* BSH Pump bracket
* SNOW pump, 300psi
* MAF-U controller

Still need:
* Tank, low level sensor, low level alert
* Line
* Nozzles (anyone have recommended starting points for a dual nozzle on a K04 setup?
* Throttle spacer plate
* 2 more solenoids, one prior to each nozzle

I am in the midst of planning a cell phone gauge pod. I will have a cell phone mounted somewhere at all times communicating through one of the car diag apps via a bluetooth obd2 pigtail. I think as far as tuning goes i need to watch AFR and dial it in, then get my 100 octane tune and re-dial it in?
I commented on the meth thread but I'll answer here as well haha.

I'm not sure the MAF controller is the best method to use for our cars but I cannot confirm why that is (I remember reading about it somewhere). Usually controlling by boost is better.

Purchase your tank here:

Your line, nozzles and such can all be purchased from where ever you choose.

Maybe instead of a separate cell phone for keeping an eye on things look into the Polar FIS. Makes great use of the oem OBD screen. Its timing correction that you really want to keep an eye on not so much AFR.
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Old 03-08-2018, 11:12 AM   #254
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Thanks man.

What tank did you get? Lot of options on there, I want something trunk mounted in the spare tire area (I don't carry a spare) with a siphon area, and holes already in it for tubing.

Ah really on the MAF? theres so much info & conflicting info out there. Most sources I found said for for MAF with these cars, NOT boost. lol. Only reasoning I have which may hold a candle is how our cars boost spike & taper off pretty hard.. in my case, ~25psi peak that tapers and holds ~20psi to redline. Granted, i'd just set it to full spray before 20psi.
buildie buildie..
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