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Old 09-08-2017, 10:17 AM   #1
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Coolant smell but it's not the water pump! Anyone else have this leak?

Over the last few weeks I got that occasional whiff of coolant when the car is hot. Today I decided to poke around and try to figure it out and it looks like I found the culprit. I checked the water pump and radiator and no leaks there, I even have a brand new OEM coolant bottle and cap so I'm pretty sure the system is not over pressurizing causing the leak.

All of the hoses feeding the heater core seem to be leaking at the fitting. I can't find the part number for these hoses anywhere online. Has anyone else had this problem? I searched and it seems like my MK6 is the only one to ever have this.

The car is losing only a few ounces a week so this is a very small leak

83,000 miles on the car

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Replaced the top one when I broke the nipple off to the smaller line on the hard plastic connection. IIRC the part only comes as the hose with the connection to the heater core. Don't recall part number, ordered it over the phone through a local dealer so I'm sure I don't have the receipt either. Never touched the lower. You should be able to find the part number be looking through any exploded parts view of either the heating and cooling system for the car or the motors cooling system. Don't recall which these were in
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Just had that top fitting replaced on my car, P/N 1K0122291C

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