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Boost flutter

Howdy gang,
I got a MKV SportWagen (sorry but mkv forums are pretty dead) with a CCTA TSi

K04 turbo running a DriverMotorsport tune. 83k on it now, issue has been around for almost 3k now.

Getting on the Go pedal I feel as if the car is more laggy and when boost hits, I get a flutter from the intake and I can see the gauge buzzing similar to the flutter.

Car has a Neuspeed FMIC (just installed thinking my Golf R cooler was leaking) , Spulen boost pipes (also just installed to see if cheap no name pipes is were leaking) , 3" catless dp and 42DD exhaust. Forge Twintake, carbon cleaned 25k ago. CTS K04 turbo.

I've replaced the DV. Wastegate solenoid. PCV valve. Coupler at the turbo is new. O ring at the turbo discharge pipe is new and not leaking. Maf is good (swapped my wife's GTi MAF in). Fuel filter is 30k old at this point. No boost leaks anywhere. No check engine light or any codes stored. HPFP is pretty new as it failed on me about 1k miles ago. GFB+ was installed to see if it would help but did not change a thing.

Noticed my mpg is a little bit less than before. I'm slowly running out of ideas. Logs look normal, I've had a few qualified people look at them. I'm at the point where I'm going to be swapping the IHI back in because I'm sick of the lag and now poor performance. My trims look normal. Issue started happening one day out of the blue late in the summer, and since then I have not been able to enjoy the power because I fear something might fail. Thanks
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