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    Mk6 APR stage 2 vs Q60 3.0T unknown mods??

    Honestly I didn’t think I would have kept up with it but this is one of the first times that I actually pushed it a bit and it felt amazing . We started off at about a 40 roll he stayed about a fender behind me the whole time up til 110 and that’s when I started tapping him even more went up to...
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    Running Lean?

    I just got my car tuned last week because I had installed a downpipe and intake without a tune, so I got it tuned to stage 2 and as I was driving back from the shop it kept on saying that it was running lean. Would this be a problem that should have been fixed with the tune or is it something...
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    APR stage 2

    What are your guys thoughts on APR tune stages 1-3?
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    Unitronic Stage 2

    Which tune would you recommend ?
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    Unitronic Stage 2

    When I’m going to get my tune done, should my car have some backfire after getting this tune or is there anything I could do or tell them to do so my car could have some sick backfire ? I have a 3” catless downpipe and an injen cold air intake at the moment to go along w the tune I’m getting...
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    Stage 2?

    Ok cool thanks !! Also if I get the unitronic with the cable would I be able to do it myself ?
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    Selling Accessport??

    Looking for an accessport any brand ! Let me know !
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    Anyone selling a set of aftermarket rims ???
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    Catless DP

    Looking for a Catless High flow DP let me know
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    Stage 2?

    Awesome ! Thanks for the help
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    Stage 2?

    which would you recommend ??
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    Stage 2?

    Thanks !
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    Stage 2?

    I just bought a ECS intake and wanted to see what else I needed to go stage 2 . Thanks
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    GTI part out mk6?

    Looking for radiator support and metal pieces on top of headlights that hold lights in place .
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    Looking for a MK6 part out in Cali need some front end parts plsss let me knowwww

    Looking for a MK6 part out in Cali need some front end parts plsss let me knowwww