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    FS: OEM Halogen Tail Lights

    These still for sale?
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    Tire Pressure

    I haven't seen this posted here, if it has been I apologize up front. But this is an interesting read. If the link doesn't work go to, Research and advice, Tech Center / tires, and look for the following: Air Pressure...
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    Revs when stopping

    My car was revving as the OP had stated. I went through the usual test for vacuum leaks. No leaks. I then used the usual checks for pcv failure. I didn't notice the typical symptoms when checking for this. However, since the car had 155K miles and this could very likely be the original pcv...
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    Front Control arm Forward Bolt

    Thanks for the link. And here is another one.
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    Front Control arm Forward Bolt

    Does anyone have the part number for the part number for the Front Lower Control Arm Front Bolt?
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    WTB: Tyrolsport Master Bracket

    Anyone have one of these they want to sell?
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    swaybar link length

    how low can you go before you should consider a shorter swaybar link? I'm sure this has been answered before but I could not find it. thanks
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    Does anyone have any experience with this clutch? ACT (advanced clutch technologies) VW8-HDSS
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    VWR subframe mount install help

    Subframe Bolts Torque Specs Part numbers Subframe Sub-frame Sub frame Bolts and Torque Specs *CORRECTION---------Sway bar Front: 51 ft/lbs +1/4 turn
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    HELP!!! Brakes Check Owner's Manual

    I was driving to work this morning cruising around a long sweeping ramp about 65mph, when my MFI flashed an ! warning saying "Brakes Check Owner's Manual". It went off and I haven't seen it since. I scanned the car with my OBDeleven, and it didn't show any faults. i was not using the brakes...
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    Brake rotor size

    There are different OEM rotor sizes available from different online shops. How do I know what size rotors I have on my car? 2010 Mk6 GTI
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    Cleaning Engine Parts

    Has anyone done this or have other suggestions to minimize elbow grease method?
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    GTI MK6 Exhaust Bracket to Subframe 1K0253144BD

    Does anyone know the correct bolt size for VW part number 1K0253144BD This is the hanger...