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    BBK - Porsche 18Z complete kit

    Would sell the rotors separately?
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    Mk6 Golf R Full Part-Out (Aftermarket + OEM)

    Interested in the front bumper grills
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    Clearing out garage

    Thanks man, let me know how it goes.
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    Clearing out garage

    Seats, cargo blocks, hood notch filler, 2 sets of bulbs( yellow bulbs) are sold
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    Clearing out garage

    Feel free to pm
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    Clearing out garage

    I have a set of OEM VW carpet mats, in excellent condition, as i got weathertech mats soon after getting the car. Looking to get $60 Have a set of headlight and fog light bulb replacements, much brighter than stock and the foglight bulb is yellow. Used them for a few months, before having to...
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    FOR SALE: Brembo/Porsche rear calipers / HEL SS Lines

    The brake lines are just for the rear?
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    Installing MFSW with dsg paddles

    I am looking to install a GLI steering wheel with multifunction buttons and dsg paddles, into my 2010 Golf (jetta) sportwagen. Want to double check compatibility with the steering wheel control module. I have a 2010 tdi golf sportwagen (DSG, without MFSW , the control module is 1k0 953 549 CP)...
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    Carbon Spoiler

    MK6 TDI part out: Carbon Spoiler, FK fully adjustable Highsport coilovers etc I have a brand new carbon spoiler, ended up with two due to a mix up with shipping. It is in perfect condition. I attached a pic of what my car with the other identical spoiler looks like... $250 FK fully...
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    07 Touareg Calipers

    Hey so I am wondering if the 4 pot touareg calipers are considered an upgrade for the mk6, and has anyone mounted the '07 4 pot calipers from touareg on the mk6? Seems like it would work great for nqsbbk?
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    Reverse light power wiring

    Hey so I am trying to identify the reverse power light wire and ground. I am looking to tap into the power and ground wires. Just not sure, hoping someone can confirm. Thanks.
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    MK6 Golf door

    So this evening, to my annoyance someone decided not to check behind them as they were reversing, as a result reversed right into my drivers side door. And after they made contact I guess they figured why stop, so they kept trying to go backwards for a while longer...the result is ...I need a...
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    Trigger wire

    So I was thinking of installing the puddle light (under the side mirrors) as well as the courtesy lights (inside the door panels); they seem pretty straight forward, however it seems like every diy/installation how to is using a different trigger wire, or maybe its the same trigger wire, just a...
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    RCD 510 compatibility

    Hey, was wondering, does anyone know if the mk6 RCD 510 would fit a mk5 golf? Thanks.