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  • I've lived all over mesquite and garland, went to school in Dallas though. Yeah the e30 tune is cool, allows for mean best torque according to stratified, maximizing boost and timing. I want a full e85 tune but that requires upgraded HPFP, LPFP new fuel lines and Injectors, which would run me 4k, so not worth it currently. Also ethanol runs cooler than regular gas, cheaper too.
    Which fmic did you go with? Yeah the heat's killer on our cars and it's only gonna get worse. I still need a good radar detector. I'm using my accessport for a boost gauge currently. When I get a real one, I'll probably go with a the innovate gauge measures boost and ethanol content. I'd say go BT, but that is a larger financial investment, and requires fueling upgrades. I'm avoiding a BT until I at-least have a lsd.
    Cool, you from the mesquite area? I grew up over that way. The e30 sounds pretty gangster, sucks ita been so hot out. I drive pretty easy as i just dont see my car liking rhe heat. I did get a fmic today and will hopefully get it put on by this weekend. Shouldnt take long. Yea, we need to do some runs. At the very least it will give us baseline as i plan to continue modding. Once intercooler is installed i will be k04 ready. But might go gtx, dunno yet..
    I have a good radar detector as well, after my first ticket o realize it was am investment that should have been made sooner.
    What boost gauge do you have? Do you like it and what did it cost you dont mind my asking. Need one of those as well. I think you will pull me everyrhing else being aboit even except you habe custom tune and dsg.
    Childish the wife says :)
    I just got a 91 tune for traveling. e30 tune is basically a cheap 100oct tune same oct rating just cost less for the fuel. Strat tune is good, just takes patience normally about 2 weeks in-between revisions. I need a dsg tune bad though, stock tcu programming does not like the extra power.
    Lol I expected the question eventually. I'm 24, black. Full time student at UTA, supervisor at UPS. I live in east Dallas, basically mesquite. I am probably going to try and go to Cars n Coffee in plano this Saturday, but I can meet anywhere local for the pull(s).
    My wife wants to know your age, i told her we were gonna do a highway pull...her response "how old is he" lol
    Im 39
    Running solid man, i have no boost gauge. How does the strat tune work? As with everything i have heard good amd bad just like all tunes. We need to meet up soon before i go ko4. You are in garland correct?
    How's your car after putting the engine back in? I'm still stage 2, I got a stratified tune. 91 tune is done I think, still need 93 and e30. Peaking @ 22.5 lbs in 4th in 91.
    Got a new sb stage 2 clutch with single mass flywheel and main seal. Its running good, you are stage 2 yea? Who did you use for the tune?
    I'm getting rid of a few small problems right now, got a boost leak from my TOP. As soon as I get everything squared away I'm down.
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