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  • Hey Arin.. i had my mk6 flashed stg 1 back in 2012.. I'm about to purchase a TBE so I can finally go STG 2.. any idea how much the stg 2 map will cost me?

    Thanks in advance,

    Kyle Z.
    MD44, why would you need a boost controller? The ECU handles boost control perfectly with our software.
    hey Arin, i was just wondering if APR is in the works of developing an electronic boost controller, every boost controller out there is obsolete because the wastegate is electronically controlled by the ECU and it is really pissing me off.
    Hey Arin,

    Last year I had my 2010 GTI ECU sent to APR for the common radiator fan issue (fans running at 100% no matter the engine temperature). It's been about a year since then and it seems like the issue has returned, however there is no active CEL. Is there anything you recommend to check to see if it could be the same issue or if some other item could be causing the radiator fans to run at full blast.

    The car is currently at around 87k, running the stock flash at the moment and I recently replaced the PCV diaphragm which I wouldn't think would have anything to do with it.

    Worst case I can send it back to APR to have a look but would like to possibly check other items first.


    Hey Arin,

    I am in Australia with a Mk7 Golf. I was just wondering when the RHD APR Boost Gauge is coming. Love the look of the gauge itself, so it would be awesome to buy this!
    It usually depends on driving style. Some need to replace it, but others say they are fine.
    Hey Arin I've been scrolling through the threads and see a lot of guys are upgrading the clutch once they reach APR stage 2+. Whats your take on the situation will the stock clutch hold or does it need to be replaced?

    Thanks for the help,
    Hi Arin

    I have some questions about the APR Turbo Muffler Delete. I have an Audi S3 Sportback which suffers form the "Wastegate rattling noise" which is caused by exhaust gas pulsations which start to vibrate the wastegate flap and rods.

    How does the turbo muffler delete exactely work? I read something that it changes the airflow and air pulsations? Will it have some influence on the pulsations that make these vibrations on the wastegate (does it fix it)? How does the sound of the motor/turbo change if I only add this turbo muffler delete and no other changes?

    Thanks and many regards from Switzerland
    Hello Arin, I would like some help with getting some info on APR Stage 1 and how it compares to REVO Stage 1. More importantly, I have two shops in pretty much the same area, Speed Sport Tuning in Danbury CT and Auto Master AMR in CT as well. Speed Sport offers REVO and seems to be a top of the line shop that works on big time vehicles and from what I have heard they are very very good. I haven't heard much at all about Auto Master and what I have heard is tilted to the bad side, they offer the APR tune. I would like to go APR but a quality shop is important to me. So if you could gimmie some info on Auto Master AMR and if they aren't good, then could you give me a name of a shop that is very good that is nearby. I live in the Hudson valley in NY.

    Thank you for your time,
    Paul Ferraro
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