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    Steering Wheel Chrome Trim Peeling

    Felt like reviving an old thread to give you guys an update. I decided to not wrap the trim while it was on the wheel, so I ended up just buying a new piece of trim instead. Got it off eBay (and it took like a month and a half to ship because it was coming from Lithuania). Much to my...
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    MK6 vs The Cops with IE

    Read the last paragraph ? Let's just say I know of a guy with an IE stage 2 GTI who has had no problem "getting out of sticky situations" through twisty canyons. Those poor overweight 'merican cop cars just can't keep up. Man I'm jealous! I'd like to get a K04, but my car has relatively high...
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    MK6 vs The Cops with IE

    Alright, fine, so I didn't race the cops. But I have gotten, um, more than the average amount of speeding tickets people get since I've had my GTI. I've never thought of my car as being particularly quick, but since going with IE stage 2, it hangs in there with most (reasonable) people I run...
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    Stock GTI vs...

    Anybody else running on a stock tune? My car is about as slow as it gets for a GTI, it's a 4 door and a manual (though I'd argue it's the most fun spec of GTI). So this can be a comparison for others to see. Feel free to add your own stock (or close to stock) races to the list. Here are a few...
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    Window Anti-Pinch Sucks

    My 2011 5-door GTI's passenger window has been acting up for a while. At first, it'd make a loud click when it hit the top of the door. Then the one-touch started being finicky. Now, the anti-pinch seems to keep the window from closing at all. I have to quickly pull and release the button to...
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    Steering Wheel Chrome Trim Peeling

    So I'm kind of new to the forum (I've been reading for years but never been posting), but I thought I'd post about this because I haven't really been able to find anything on it yet. I got my '11 GTI about 6 months ago. Mechanically, it seems to be flawless, but it's got some cosmetic issues...