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  • Hey Ben, when you were on the Avant Garde M310's and B&G springs, how was the rubbing issue in bumps or deep turns?
    hey i'm interested in getting my roof vinyled do you do that or know where i can get it done.?
    Hi Ben i order the catch can form the web site and was wondering it it was ship yet? the order number was 156 and my customer number is 181.

    Hey Ben,
    I've been away from the forum for awhile and I was wondering if these headlights you were testing out are available for purchase yet. Thanks!
    Hi Ben, could you get me a price for the for a full set up: LED license plate, LED courtesy and HID 3000K H8 fogs? Also are you available to help with an install this weekend? Thanks!
    Hey Ben, im just inquiring as to what kind of prices you can get for the VW V710 'Classic' 18 Inch Wheels thanks a lot for the help
    Hi Ben, placed an order for full set Led lights and still waiting for tracking details..Order placed and paid via paypal 04/11/10,
    PM me please as emails are being returned as system error..
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