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  • hey, i love all the stuff you guys have for the mkvi. any plans on visiting norcal any time?
    Guess that tire balance people didnt want to do the work before closing time lol
    hey ben,
    im semi local and i would love to chat about the short shifter... i ran a DG in my MK4 and just recently moved to my mk6, and i hear great things about the MK5 version. what kind of install deal could you put together if i swung by on sat?

    just curious :)

    Hi Ben,

    Are your led light kits for the interior/license plate areas plug and play? Based on your posts, they are also error free. Also, how long do the bulbs last? Is it a common bulb that can easily be replaced if they do go out or would you have to purchase an entire new set. I know LEDs do last longer than typical halogen type bulbs but just curious as I'd hate to spend a $100+ on cometic lighting and have it blow out a few months later.

    Also you're in Tustin?

    Maybe I'll swing by. What are your hours of operations? weekends?

    Hey buddy, I found a shop that would mount the tires and they look perfect on the wheels!!!! One other question, who did you have paint your front bottom grill, I like how it's color coated with the car and was thinking of having it done as well. As for the exhaust, see what you can do on the apr rsc 3 full tbe and let me know what you come up with. Thanks in advance and I'll get some pictures up hopefully this weekend with the wheels on the car!
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