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    What did you do to your MK6 today?

    Had home service tire mounting earlier this afternoon. I broke my ankle and needed help to mount the new Toyo tires I purchased.
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    Hyundai Santa Cruz may be the vehicle that gets me out of my GTI

    If only I could stop them from growing up too fast.
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    WTB Kosei K5R 17x8

    Hope you have found one by now.
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    Carbon cleaning

    That's good to hear.
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    What method of payment does everyone use?

    Cash and credit card.
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    Hyundai Santa Cruz may be the vehicle that gets me out of my GTI

    Definitely fun. My son is turning 6 and he may be naughty at times but he is just so fun to be with.
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    Higher profile tires and BBS style wheels

    If you're open to aftermarket rims, you might want to check out American Racing wheels on 4wheelonline. They have a great selection.
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    My mk6 tdi (bonnie Scotland)

    Oh that would be a great addition to the MK6.
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    MK6 GTI OEM+ Build

    That turned out great!
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    1961 Triumph TR3

    It's lovely!
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    Trailering GTI

    It's looking great!
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    Wheel pic requests.

    What rims did you end up buying? Looking for a new set of wheels on 4wheelonline. I am quite confused on what size to get.
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    2012 MK6 Golf R Manual

    Try eBay. They usually sell manuals there.
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    Bolt Pattern

    Hi guys! I have been checking out aftermarket rims for my 2009 VW Golf GTI mk6. I am currently running on 225/45ZR17 tires and I am looking at 17's. I like something from American Racing Wheels but I am confused on what bolt pattern to choose for my Mk6. Your advice is greatly appreciated.