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    Measuring block 032 analysis help

    I still think you have a leak somewhere with those codes and the high positive LTFT
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    Clutch pack & Flywheel Suppliers

    I was also able to resell my used one for around $90 on ebay as well which was cool.
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    Clutch pack & Flywheel Suppliers

    I replaced my DSG DMF @ 120k miles after I pulled the trans to do the rear main seal. I actually found my original was still in good condition and had about the same amount of play as the brand new one. Didn't really notice any different with the new vs old. I got my OEM LUK one off ebay from a...
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    Engine misfiring

    I had a stuck injector once, car was bucking and misfiring bad, lots of white smoke coming out of the xhaust that smelled like fuel, engine bay smelled like fuel. It was obvious because I pulled the plugs and saw one cylinder was wet with gas and could see gas in the cylinder.
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    BOOST LEAK??? FAILED DV???? vw problems someone help

    Theres a few issues with the waste gate, the arm can have some play and result in waste gate rattle but it doesnt really affect anything. Theres a TSB to install a clip to stop the rattle. Also the wastegate flapper can be become worn and go bad not allowing it to seal properly which basically...
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    Low MPG next steps

    29-31mpg on the highway easily for me but my average is 22 total. City mpg is not that good, never really has been and I don't drive too crazy. 91 oct Stage 2, 2.0 TSI w/DSG. I do a manual calculation at the pump every time and I fill up and I find my mpg average is like 2mpg high on the MFD...
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    Blasphemy? Replaced "reds" with Intermotor coils

    If it were me i'd pop the OEMs back in and keep the aftermarkets in the trunk as a spare. I'm sure they will work for some time but id have more confidence in the OEMs lasting longer.
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    Implausible Signal

    Low voltage issues can cause all sorts of weird codes but youll usually see it all on the modules. If youre just getting p0121 and p0222 though id say its probably just an issue with that part. There's actually a TSB for faulty wiring to the TB that can cause those two codes.
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    BOOST LEAK??? FAILED DV???? vw problems someone help

    Get under the car and check your intercooler piping. Ive had the hoses come off creating a loud wooshing when in boost.
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    Blasphemy? Replaced "reds" with Intermotor coils

    Hey if they work, they work. I also keep a set of spare coilpacks in the trunk lol.
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    Front tire rubbing wheel well when hitting bumps

    Aftermarket 18" wheels? Whats the size and wheel offset?
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    P0101, P2177, P0420...I give up.

    The rear PCV breather only has one o-ring on the spare one I just checked it. It works with my IE and the Stock intake along with others. Are you pressing the tabs in when putting it in?
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    Blinking CEL on startup, then fine

    Scan for codes to see if there's anything else besides misfires. Cold start misfires can be attributed to a lot of things, especially carbon build up.
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    P0171, P2187 and P2279...OR...How A Vacuum Leak Has Me Losing My Mind!

    That jack saved my butt lol. But yeah I agree, buy the parts online youll save a bit and you should be able to find a place to do it cheaper.
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    P0171, P2187 and P2279...OR...How A Vacuum Leak Has Me Losing My Mind!

    My trans was leaking oil daily, was throwing codes air related codes, didnt idle well. It was pretty obvious since its a very common issue on the 2.0TSI, if you're leaking oil from the weep hole on the bell housing you've got a bad RMS. I replaced the PCV at the time too since I didn't want to...