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    (Sold) New RCD360 Pro

    where in NY are you?
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    What did you do to your MK6 today?

    Coilovers running on many many miles. Recommend getting new heavy duty cup kit or switching suspensions completely?
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    mk6 gti headliner removal discussion

    The front center light console has screws on each side under the middle trim... forget exactly which part of the whole thing is removable but if i remember correctly the little vented portion is removable and that's where the 2 screws are. Not sure if that's what you're looking for
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    Headliner Restoration

    Anyone know a reputable shop that does headliner restoration? I'm in north jersey. If the shop or person does starlights too that would be win-win.
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    WTB RCD330

    anyone have any good links or connects for an RCD330 headunit? iphone, bluetooth, and steering wheel controls are key. Thanks!
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    FS: Widebody | Bagged | Shaved | Custom Interior 2012 Golf R W/ 38k * IMMACULATE

    Hey. did you have to modify the harness bar at all? i know it says universal but you never know
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    do you know if the 330 works with aftermarket amp & sub connected? My assumption is yes but 330 doesn't even work with dynaudio
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    WTB: RCD330 headunit

    update: decided to go back on my decision on trusting AliExpress... any other sellers in the US??
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    Helix 7.5 headlights for MK6

    Are all these issues with the headlights coming from people with the HID kits? I'm switching from OEM halogen to these
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    WTB: Airlift Performance Bag System 3s/3p/3h

    What's up fam. Looking to buy someone's airlift bag suspension set up. Looking for the whole system. ie. Bags, management, lines, tank, compressor. Planning on changing the lines before install so even if you have majority of the stuff, I'll consider it. I've seen the old v2 management and not a...
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    WTB: Factory MK6 taillights

    Are you still looking for a pair?
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    Still have the stoptech? can you PM pics?
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    WTB: RCD330 headunit

    thanks brother! I pulled the trigger on one through AliExpress. Not a huge fan of them or 3rd party sites but we'll see what happens.
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    WTB: RCD330 headunit

    Looking for the famous 330 headunit... if someone knows a good seller from amazon or ebay please lmk! I cant remember the different versions of the unit that support apple carplay and steering wheel control. Much thanks!
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    FS: RCD330 head unit - Noname

    i know you sold but where did you buy the 330 unit? Looking for my '10 gti. thanks!