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    Clutch master pressure plate and fx 250 pad

    Bought and installed just after completing stage 2 in my gti 2012. Shitty slave cylinder broke and mechanic told the pad was toast from hydro oil. Pad and pressure plate have about 4500 miles on them. I really think the mechanic was over doing. Clutch master sold me a stage for the cost of the...
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    WTB Stage 2 Clutch

    I've got a clutch master 2.5 only 5000 on it. Cheap slave went out that came with it. Clutch Master sold me a stage 3 for the same price to make me happy. Put an oem slave, stage 3 plate and clutch because of further plans for the ko4. Everything is intact. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Trailer hitch

    Trying to sell a trailer hitch for mk6 golf/gti for about $50. Any body interested? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Is vagcom worth it?

    Recently purchased a 2012 gti (mt) for myself and wife decided 2013 autobahn (Dsg) would be good for her. I did the stage 1 on my 12 and was wondering if purchasing any vagcom stuff would be worth it? I've read all the extra's that people are doing with gauge sweeps and hazards etc. What should...