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    Dimensions of four lobed cam. CCZB and CCTA exhaust shafts.

    Well, I tried to install new hitachi HPFP and vacuum pump without exhaust valve shaft changing. To correct HPFP plunger stroke I used shim 0.525 mm between HPFP and vacuum pump bodies. All worked fine but CCZB exhaust valve shaft has better valve geometry and after couple weeks I installed this...
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    Misfire and Cylinders filled with oil

    May be this or similar decision is better than motor rebuild?
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    Exhaust Ideas

    Audi RSQ3 or RS3 catbacks with exhaust valves are the best)
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    Overheating gearbox, what to do?!

    Failed DSG thermostat can cause overheating.
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    Overheating gearbox, what to do?!

    Good decision to change stock DSG cooling system to separate one: Stock: Separate: P.S. ignore the purple solenoid valve ;)
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    DSG Clamping Force

    I also upgraded my DQ500 with TVS Stage 2+ software. First of all it has amazing launch! Two rev limits for launch are 3500 and 4000. Amazing smooth shifts in city with their drivability upgrade. Also I asked TVS change shifting points: Launch mode (REV and MAF): Manual Mode Result 0-100...
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    DSG Swap/replacement questions

    it is good idea to swap DQ500 and AWD!)
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    Shift points calculation file

    Best shift points calculation file I would like to share my excel file for best shift points calculation for DSG gearbox. I made it for DQ500 remapping for APR K04. Now I used it for gearbox remapping for my TTE480 setup. You just need to add data of your engine power curve, add information...
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    Dimensions of four lobed cam. CCZB and CCTA exhaust shafts.

    Hi all! Anybody knows what dimensions of four lobed cam of CCZB exhaust shaft? I am going to upgrade my CAWA engine (almost CCTA version in USA) to CCZB version. The main trouble is difference in exhaust shafts to change HPFP without shaft changing. CCTA version 06H109022BB is 42.55 mm in narrow...