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    FS: AWE CBE $200 + shipping

    I have an AWE CBE for sale. I ran it for 4.5 years and about 80k miles. It's not in ideal shape but the price is reflective of that. Includes everything pictured. Packed up and ready to ship. Photos available on a Google Photos Album:
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    FS: Brand new OEM Turbo.

    Part Number: 06J145713FX. Only for CBFA cars. Bought this turbo to put on my CCTA GTI, didn't fit. Taken out of the box but never installed. $600 shipped.
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    MK6 GTI Ownership Review: Six Years and 110,000 Miles

    Sup homies. My GTI just turned over 110,000 miles today and I’ve owned her for six years this month. The car and I have done a lot and thought I would share my experiences. I selected and purchased every mod in this post with my own money. I liked pretty much all of them, but I have critiques on...
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    CBFA Turbo on a CCTA car

    Hey homies, I'm in the process of replacing my turbo due to a P0299 code. I found a good deal on a CBFA turbo (P/N 06J145713F) But I have a CCTA car, I know cause it doesn't have a breather hose. Based a bit of research it looks like O2 bungs are different....can I still run this turbo on my...
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    WTB Stock MK6 GTI Turbo

    Hey, Got the dreaded P0299 code on my MK6. I've already changed the DV and N75 valve so it looks like a new turbo is needed. Turbo needs to be working condition when it was removed. The lower miles, the better.
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    Stock GTI Suspension. $50 + shipping.

    Hey guys, I have an entire GTI suspension available. Struts, springs, and sways. I've had them in storage for a few years and I don't think I'll ever reinstall them. I was going to recycle it all, but I figure I'd throw it up on here.
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    FS: AWE Diamond Black Tips

    **No longer for sale**
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    FS Alpine PDX M6 600 Watt Mono Amp

    ***No longer for sale*** After a year of perfect performance, I'm selling my PDX M6 Mono Amp. Replaced it with a 5 channel amp when I installed new front and rear speakers. Retails for $550. Selling for $250 shipped. Product Link
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    Your choice 65k n under

    981 Cayman S. Hands down.
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    RCD 510 AC

    **SOLD** Excellent condition. $300 shipped.
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    mk7 vs 991 GT3

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    DG Springs+Bilstein HD+H&R 26mm/24mm Sways: Quick Review

    So I finally installed all of my suspension components that I collected over the last two months: DG Springs Bilstein HD Struts H&R 26mm Front Sway Bar (hard) H&R 24 mm Rear Sway Bar (soft) Tyrol Front Subframe Collar Kit S3 Bushings Appearance The subtle drop of the DG springs is exactly what...
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    If you had to choose something other than the GTI...?

    This. Can you get a 135i for under $25k?
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    Iowa: Installer suggestions

    I'm purchasing springs and sways in the next few weeks and could use some suggestions on where to them installed. I'm open to businesses and golfmk6 members. Hopefully, we can use this thread to compile the best installers/shops in Iowa. -Credit