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    DSG Stutter/Jerk low speed or incline

    Probably cheaper to buy vcds or obd11 and do the dsg adaptation yourself. Trans needs to be up to operating temp when you do it. And car needs to be on a level surface. Miles on the car/transmission? If it was running that low on fluid for an extended period of time... Clutchpacks or...
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    DSG Stutter/Jerk low speed or incline

    Can't hurt to run dsg adaptation. Also when was the last time dsg fluid was changed?
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    How to mix e85 in GTI

    Innovate ECB-1 Innovate MTX-B Innovate ECF-1 Or Fuel-it kit Gauges will just verify your blend % is correct. But you'll still need to check the % at the pump before putting it in the tank. Most stations are pretty consistent, but I'd still check every few weeks to be safe.
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    How to mix e85 in GTI

    You really won't gain much from e85 except a bit of knock resistance without a proper tune for it. Restores bit of power if you have crappy pump gas and were seeing significant timing pull. (~E20 seems to help with that) You don't need a sensor or injectors to run it. A healthy stock system...
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    Stage left

    From what I've read it's really only a requirement if you track the car (mk7).. Basically hard braking and extreme fast transitions causing the oil burn, so very difficult to replicate on regular roads. Not truly "necessary" on a street car. But I'll be getting one as a precaution, only one I...
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    Stage left

    BFI link isn't working fyi. Nice review.
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    COBB Tuning DSG ROM Collection

    They are working the on the 7-speed (dq381) tune right now, aiming for end of year or Q1 release ... I doubt any resources are being directed towards the mk6 dq250. At this point I've also lost hope for a Cobb dsg tune for mk6. But I'll be getting a mk7 eventually anyways.
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    FS: ARM fmic

    ARM Fmic ~15k mi. Comes with all hardware for install. It's the black coated version. You'll have to re-use your oem TOP connector though. I suggest getting an AWE S3 style pipe to run with these. $300 obo I'm located in the DFW area. I'm willing to ship, however buyer will cover shipping...
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    Evo 11 Coming?

    True even the price point on the Evo Xs were nuts. I paid 36k in 2013 for a 2010. I'd rather put that money towards an older model and go fast parts. But even those have held their value pretty well.
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    Evo 11 Coming?

    I had an Evo X (rip) prior to my GTI. If they pull this off correctly I'll buy one. Still want a 8 or 9 though.
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    What is the correct HID kit/bulb size for Ed's R style Headlights?

    I apologize if this has been asked several times before but the info I've found is somewhat confusing. I recently purchased a used set of what I believe are Ed's R rep headlights for halogen cars. I'm gonna send them off to get blacked out and have the lenses refreshed and want to order the...
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    Anyone have experience with Supernovalighting?

    Been wanting to upgrade my crappy halogens and I honestly still prefer the oem bi-xenon look over the mk7 style. I saw the helix ones (depo), they look decent but I'd definitely want to black out the housings and have the projectors upgraded. I stumbled upon these lights while search for...
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    ECU ignoring Commanded Rail Pressure from tune

    My car is a 2013 DSG with a CCTA engine. I'm having an issue with my car where the ecu is ignoring the commanded rail pressure from my tune and setting it's own target rail pressure causing maxed out stft correction, high injection times and often times a lean afr. Rail pressure target varies...
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    DSG Stutter/Jerk low speed or incline

    I know there a literally thousands of threads on this, so I apologize in advance for the redundancy. Trying to get recent opinions/experiences. I have 2013 DSG 4-door GTI. Intermittently my DSG stutters at very low speed and on inclines. Occasionally hitting the gas from a stop (where it...
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    Anyone tried Fuel-it flex fuel kit? Has anyone tried the kit above kit or any of their products. I will be tuning for E30-40 soon and would like to have a quick and easy reference to know the ethanol percentage of the fuel in my tank. This kit is pretty straight forward...