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    FS: OEM Roof Rack

    Used once for kewl looks. Was supposed to mount my bike on top but ended up just using the hatch space. email me for pics, we all know what they look like Pick up only in so cal Email me dace64@gmail $250 Edit: fat fingers miss-priced
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    WTB: Dynauido amp

    The one in my car has bad channel I think? According to a friend Please and thank you
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    FS: Koni Coilovers

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    had some crazy annoying noise with my front passenger coilover. it was like a mix of coil bind and a clunk when just normally driving over flat roads. I went online and filled out the form they supplied. faxed over required stuff and within that week got an email saying they're shipping me a...
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    Having problems installing CAI

    thats easy, just disconnect that one orange tube
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    Internet Slang & Popular Phrases that Bother You

    "dude DSG sucks 6spd for lifezz yoo!"
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    Survive the Zombie Apocolypse

    I like how they put music from the movie 28 days later edit: damit, someone help!
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    Survive the Zombie Apocolypse

    im actually doing this when it comes to SD :w00t:
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    Survive the Zombie Apocolypse

    What if they're the "rage" zombies from 28 days later? Fuuuuu
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    Survive the Zombie Apocolypse

    Stories like this remind me that I need a wrangler
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    Did your NFL team make the playoffs?

    bahahahahah!! this is funny. your sources?
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    ok so who broke the forums

    I noticed some of my post history is gone
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    Whats your occupation?

    montemorelos aye
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    Port Forwarding on a Xbox

    still having issues....w...t....f....