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    Cloth on driver's seat

    Was wondering if anyone had a lightly used Ebony cloth driver seat cover bottom they are willing to sell?
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    Anybody use micro jump starters

    I have not use micro jump starters but I use the Gooloo. The Gooloo item is one sleek-looking jump starter. Like many of these products, it is both a jump starter and power bank that adds to its everyday functionality. It is a simple yet reliable jump starter that conquers any issue you might...
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    South East Florida Tuesday night meets

    Canna be there
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    2020 New England region shows/events

    Good to know....
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    South East Florida Tuesday night meets

    I can't miss it.
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    Dallas/Fort Worth Shops

    Good to know
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    VW Headlight Loose bulb connection

    You can contact the car manufacturer for it...i think...
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    South Africa

    I think so
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    Screw behandling oil filter housing

    I think an oil filter housing is on virtually every engine manufactured...I'm not very sure anyway.
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    Moving to Washington (Vancouver area)

    Alright...that's cool.
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    FS: Mk6 parts

    please just let me the easiest way to get in touch please....thank you...
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    FS: Mk6 parts

    Can we reach you via cell phone or email?
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    Mirror Golf 6 Variant

    Yes i think that is possible.