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    Hey Guys! It's been a minute (Music Content)

    HAY GuiZzZ I've been neglecting the crap out of my car lately. Haven't done a single mod in months, all my interior bulbs need to be replaced because nearly all the LED bulbs have gone out, my fender was hit in a parking lot, and all in all, she's a mess. But on the brightside, all that money...
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    Hey Guys! It's been a minute (Music Content)

    updated: now directs you to my Facebook page.
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    Hey Guys! It's been a minute (Music Content)

    Glad to hear it :) wait til the productions ;)
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    Hey Guys! It's been a minute (Music Content)

    Thanks guys :) the car is still on the road lol nothing new with it though. Just registered as a domain and I have an NYC gig in November and a Massachussetes gig sometime in December so like the page to get updates on when you can catch me live! Can't wait to finally buy Mac Pro...
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    Hey Guys! It's been a minute (Music Content)

    Totally dropped out of the car scene to devote 100% of my time and money on building my music career vs. hooking up my car lol Anyway, hope you guys are doing well, I'll stick around for a bit and catch up on all your builds! As I mentioned, I am building a reputation and following from the...
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    Official 420 Thread

    Finishing up the last of my Purple Kush. Getting back with the Trainwreck next week. How ya guys been? Haven't posted in a while. :smoking:
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    I got a pair of Technics RH-DP1200's on their way as we speak. They're a little heavy but pack a mean punch. Too loud to go out in public with though.
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    Trance/House/Techno/Dubstep/Drum N bass/ ETC Thread

    So as you guys might know, I throw a weekly event at a hookah lounge in central NJ every tuesday. I played this set last night and had like 8 people I didn't know run up to me and beg for a download of it. This is probably my favorite live set I ever played. Hope you guys like it a much as I...
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    Off-Topic Chat

    ya'll are in love.
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    For all you Central NJ EDM Lovers with nothing to do on weekdays

    Every Tuesday Night I throw an EDM event at Mist Hookah Lounge in North Brunswick NJ (772 Rt 1 North, North Brunswick, NJ ext to Brunswick Zone bowling alley) Here's a piece of my live set from last night Come through and support...
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    Off-Topic Chat

    The DJ was KILLIN IT like 30 minutes before I saw you. He kept switching from house to rap but his house collection was pretty on point and mixed damn well. I ended up at 3 different bars that night.
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    Off-Topic Chat

    Fancy running into ya last night, Brian!
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    Road Trip!

    Taking my GTI from NJ to Dallas/Austin TX from now til Sunday night. Everyone kind of bailed on it with me so I may be trekking it alone. Seeing as how there's a big possibility of me being bored and alone around there and neighboring states, I wanted to see if anyone wanted to meet up along...
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    Ak47s and drifting

    I gotta admit that 1080 was pretty impressive :lol: