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    FS: Stock GTI Catback (Atlanta)

    Selling my stock catback from my 2012 GTI. Has 62k miles, pick up only please! I'm located just north of Atlanta. Price: $80 OBO
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    CD Stuck in "Loading"

    Hey everyone, I couldn't find an existing thread with this issue, but my head unit got stuck on the "Loading CD" message and none of the media player options function. It's worked fine for the past 4 years and worked fine all day, but when I started my car tonight the issue showed up. The...
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    Car Won't Start, Flashing Lights

    I drove about 30 minutes with no problems, then stopped for a few and tried to turn my car on and nothing. Any suggestions would be great, I'd rather not have to tow. Edit: it was a weak battery that needed replacing.
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    WTB: Radiator Sensor (8P4965873A)

    Looking to replace just the sensor (8P4965873A) on my radiator to clear a CEL I've been getting. I've looked online and it looks like you can only get it if you buy the radiator. Let me know if you have one! Looks like this:
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    FS: Sprint Booster (Manual Transmission)

    SOLD I'm selling my Sprint Booster. It's been on my 2012 GTI for about 10 months now. Everything still looks and works great. This is only for manual transmission cars. The difference in throttle response is definitely noticeable. In "Green" mode the car felt like I got a stage 1 tune all...
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    FS: APR Carbonio Stage 1 and 2 (Atlanta)

    FS: APR Carbonio Intake Stage 1 and 2 SOLD! Thanks for looking!
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    Uncommon Fault Codes 53296 and 53295

    I've done plenty of searching and could not find a thread about these two specific reoccurring codes. I hoping to find some support for why these occur and hopefully how to fix any problems I'm facing. I drive a 2012 GTI with APR stage 2 and supporting mods. My CEL pops up at random intervals...
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    FS: LED License Plate Bulbs (w/ resistors)

    SOLD Selling my error-free LED license plate bulbs. I've had them on my car for just over one year with no problems, even through heavy rain. They reuse the stock light housings and light plug-in piece (Everything but item #2 in this diagram) SOLD Located in Atlanta for local guys. Link...
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    Daily Driving stick sucks rant.

    ^This. Squats will help too. ^This. ^This. ^This. ^Hi Max ^This. It helps so much. Also get a stiffer clutch, but only after you strengthen your legs. I think so.
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    Spulen TOP Leak Fixed

    Hey everyone, I just wanted to inform you all about a problem that I found and was able to fix with the Spulen 1.8T/2.0T Turbo Outlet Pipe. I first noticed the problem when a non-car-guy friend of mine claimed he could hear my turbo. As I listened to the sound I knew it was not the turbo...
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    TOP O-ring/Gasket Size

    Morning everyone. I suspect I have a torn o-ring/gasket on my turbo outlet pipe. Does anyone know the exact size of the o-ring? There are two sizes on ECS (57.95mm and 61.90mm). 57.95mm 61.90mm Thanks guys. gif for clicks
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    You're so damn salty. What did they even do to you? I'm guessing you got spun
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    Why did bender get banned?

    Hi friends