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  • Nice! When is your next meet, maybe I can go after work.

    We just had a huge BBQ this past weekend out at Irvine Regional Park. In the next few weeks I will be super busy with Oktoberfest, but I would love to check out your meet.
    Let me know your schedule via PM! We're holding meets now and need to muster up a few good locals ;).
    Thanks Ben! I just got a new job starting tomorrow and wanted to celebrate. But my new schedule is going to be hard to visit. Are you open today or during the weekend? Possibly, I can hit you up at a local meet?

    Let me know, I just pickup the new TDI and want to start modding. I promised the wife no cosmetic mods until the first of the year. :P It's going to be hard since my other VW is at the body shop as we speak. (!/album.php?aid=148601&id=321596205821) LOL
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