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    For sale Frankenturbo F23t for fsi/tsi

    Sorry my man..sold to Tkwmk6..
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    Any Track Rats Still Active?

    Had a great weekend shaking the car down at laguca seca. Tried to stay at 7/10 the whole day and work on consistency. Pretty happy with my consistent laps! Didn’t beat my PR but it’s nice drive with a margin of safety vs going balls to the wall and off track XD. Got to save my tires for...
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    Any Track Rats Still Active?

    I use carbotech xp10 on the fronts on my TTRS bbk and they squeal enough to be embarrassing :rolleyes: for daily I'm glad to see some gents in this forum still actively tracking their mk6 .. excited to get out to Buttonwillow in a couple weeks. My PCV failed at that track...
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    For sale Frankenturbo F23t for fsi/tsi

    not to thread jack but I got a f23t with franken turbo outlet pipe sitting in my garage for some time.. pm me if intrested - would ship from southern california. I probably put 15k on the turbo
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    SOLD 6spd manual Luk flywheel BRAND NEW $225 + shipping SOLD

    Thanks dude! Quick responding seller and quick to ship. Got to me at the perfect time. my DMFW was pretty toast
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    Any Track Rats Still Active?

    for what it's worth - I've been running 93 octane APR tunes while using california 91 gas with no issues for 2-3 years - I've had my car dynoed before with the 91 and was told my engine was not pulling any timing. Not that I'd recommend it... but its been fine for me. I've tried both 91 and 93...
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    SOLD 6spd manual Luk flywheel BRAND NEW $225 + shipping SOLD

    Where are you located? I'm doing my clutch next week... think you could get it to southern california by this Wednesday?
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    FS: 02Q KZS 6MT transmission $200 OBO

    $200 OBO Got a 02Q KZS from my 2012 GTI with 101K on it. Loud chatter in neutral and loud metallic rattle while engaged in fourth gear. Not sure if it’s a shift fork, bad synchro/bearing, or gear - but the case is good and intact and you may swap out the internals or use for parts. Will come...
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    Tyrolsport master cylinder bracket

    SOLD Thanks guys $200 shipped obo This upgrade feels great on stock brakes, upgraded pads, and even my ttrs bbk on street pads. With track pads, however; the braking power is too crazy (lol). Might be my brake assist settings but don't have vagcom anymore. Good upgrade for those who...
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    Laguna Seca decibel limit

    Wasn't able to find any information on this forum regarding this topic. I am interested in running at Laguna Seca in June, there is a 90 db limit. Any of you guys with turboback exhausts run there successfully? I have a catted CTS turboback exhaust, which is relatively tame. So I'm...
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    Unibrace UB with CTS turboback

    Just wondering if anyone had this combo. Got a catted downpipe from CTS and it looks like I can fit the UB without the spacer kit. Just wanted confirmation before participating in the group buy. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Buttonwillow Dec 20th

    Hey there. Track newbie here will be hitting up Buttonwillow on the 20th with Speed Ventures. This will be my first time on the track (only ran streets of willow once before), so I'll be in the beginner group getting a feel for it. Would love to see more VWs there! I'm coming in a group...