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    Review - Shuenk TSI K03+ Turbo - Dyno

    How are the Shuenks holding up? I am really looking forward to going with their k04+ within the next few months.
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    FS: 2013 GTI APR Stage 2, 72k miles, meticulous care and service - check it out and give me an offer :)

    Here's the CL ad. Same info as above just a little dumbed down for the general public. Here's the link
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    FS: 2013 GTI APR Stage 2, 72k miles, meticulous care and service - check it out and give me an offer :)

    Located near Minneapolis, MN.. I am selling my 2013 GTI.. It breaks my heart to see it go, but it's for the best. I need a bigger truck for my business.. I bought it CPO from Luther Westside with 34k on it. The first owner did oil and all service (seen in CARFAX). The car still is still dang...
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    Koni STR.T Orange Reviews?

    Awesome, thank you for your response! I have seen people saying the STR.Ts are more prone to rust and corrosion.. if that is the only problem I don't see why that can't be solved with a good layer of clear coat lol.
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    Koni STR.T Orange Reviews?

    Hate to revive an old thread... How did the Koni STR/T shocks treat everyone? Did they hold up?
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    MKVI GTI 6 Speed Manual Clutch Replacement DIY

    Super glad this thread is still going.. I am about to install the ECS stage 2 clutch(I got it for a hell of a deal) real soon. I read this entire thread and others but still can't get a clear answer so I am going to ask.. is an engine support bar absolutely needed when doing a clutch on the mk6????
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    Wheel offset opinions needed!!

    So I am looking at new wheels.. The wheels I am looking at come in 35mm so my question is, can 35mm be ran with 18'' wheels? I am at stock suspension although someday coil overs would be neat. Who has experience with this? Pictures? All insight is appreciated, thanks!
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    UMMM OK. I just discovered my car is APR stage II, and I have access to the files on the ECU, AND I stuck my phone under my car and got a picture of the downpipe and it says APR!! I don't even know what to think right now.. What do I do? On one hand I have a stage II tuned car with intake and...
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    Stock boost pressure?

    Hello all, I am brand new to the forum but I've had multiple GTIs! I bought my current 2013 manual with 34,000 from a VW dealership! The car as I can tell is stock EXCEPT for a Carbonio intake that was already on it from the dealership. I put in a New South analog boost gauge for S&G and...