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    2012 gti wolfsburg car (blown motor) $2000

    Is this still available?
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    2013 GTI 6 Speed Part Out

    do still have a stock downpipe?
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    ISO CCTA oem Downpipe

    Hey looking for a CCTA OEM Downpipe please let me know.
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    Sunroof issues

    Di you ever get the sunroof working, im also gonna try it out myself cars has been under car cover for weeks. ....
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    ahh man if only you were willing to ship
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    Sunroof issues

    I've seen the few threads from 8 - 10 years ago but has anyone recently had issues with their sunroof not wanting to close. I know about the pinch sensor but not sure where it is located, is it something that can be accessed with the headliner removed any help is greatly appreciated.
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    FS: RCD510 Headunit from my Golf R

    Does this version support Steering wheel controls?
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    LTB fenders and front bumper...

    its been a while since i've been on here with a question but any suggestions on where i can get a front bumper and fenders? please and thanks
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    Eonon MK6 specific Apple CarPlay/Android head-unit

    he's including shipping though ..... O.P. glws
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    Carbon Cleaning in NJ

    Tri-State Euros -
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    Going mad with high pitched whistle!

    Could this cause P0299 for underboost ?
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    EPC ERROR+Exclamation mark on Cruise Control

    have you traced the wires on the harness to see if there is any damage i.e rodent bites,wire shorts, frayed lines
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    Looking for the part that lights up the selected gear for the shifter on an automatic

    tried wiping the letters? sometimes oil and stuff build up on the gear postion labels a quick clean with a q-Tip might make it slightly better ...
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    Reattaching Mk6 GTi Mirror

    Not sure if anyone else has experienced this but just looking for suggestions on what can be used to reattach the Rear View Mirror base to my windshield. I have heard the Permatex branded glues dont work.