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    WTB Accessport

    Damn nobody ?
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    WTB Accessport

    looking for unmarried cobb accessport
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    Recommended shops in NNJ?

    Tristate is right over the bridge in clifton NJ 30- 40 mins
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    Recommended shops in NNJ?

    The only shop is TriState Euros not to mention they honor their work !
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    WTB CCTA Exhaust

    Good Afternoon, I am in search of a CCTA EPA compliant Downpipe for my mk6, if anyone could help in the tri state area it is greatly appreciated. i would also be willing to pay for shipping if reasonable. Thanks
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    2012 gti wolfsburg car (blown motor) SOLD

    Is this still available?
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    2013 GTI 6 Speed Part Out

    do still have a stock downpipe?
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    ISO CCTA oem Downpipe

    Hey looking for a CCTA OEM Downpipe please let me know.
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    Sunroof issues

    Di you ever get the sunroof working, im also gonna try it out myself cars has been under car cover for weeks. ....
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    ahh man if only you were willing to ship
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    Sunroof issues

    I've seen the few threads from 8 - 10 years ago but has anyone recently had issues with their sunroof not wanting to close. I know about the pinch sensor but not sure where it is located, is it something that can be accessed with the headliner removed any help is greatly appreciated.
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    FS: RCD510 Headunit from my Golf R

    Does this version support Steering wheel controls?
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    LTB fenders and front bumper...

    its been a while since i've been on here with a question but any suggestions on where i can get a front bumper and fenders? please and thanks
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    Eonon MK6 specific Apple CarPlay/Android head-unit

    he's including shipping though ..... O.P. glws