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    2.5L Platform General Chat

    You can find the informations on AlldataDIY. If you someone working on a shop, he probably have access to ProDemand and Elsapro
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    2010 Golf.....P0016 code being thrown, looking for advice on what Im looking at here....

    Failed timing chain is a rare case on 2.5. If it's not a sensor issues (cam, crank sensor) or even the variable intake cam solenoid, then it probably skip a tooth or stretched and that's why you have a correlation DTC Never heard of a 2.5 that skipped a tooth because the engine rotated...
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    It's Decided. 2.5 Turbo. Winter 2019

    On the return-less system, the fuel pump flow fuel through the filter and the filter have a restriction that build up fuel pressure. Excessive pressure return to the fuel tank and the pressurized fuel goes to the fuel rail On performance oriented engine such as the GTI, they have a module that...
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    It's Decided. 2.5 Turbo. Winter 2019

    Honestly I'm unsure our fuel pump use duty cycle. I noticed 2.0T have a fuel pump regulator module that sit right over the fuel pump. On our 2.5, we don't have have this module. I looked at the wiring diagram and power goes directly from the relay to the pump. I don't think the ecu would pulse...
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    It's Decided. 2.5 Turbo. Winter 2019

    If venting to atmosphere, I would take a catch can with an filter breather on top and 2 inlets. So both the PCV hose and breather hose vent to the catch can As for your setup option of putting a filter on the breather filter and the PCV hose to the catch can, your will need a filter on the...
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    It's Decided. 2.5 Turbo. Winter 2019

    Depends of year and location. SAI is used to heat up the catalytic converter and the wideband quicker, this way the car will go on closed loop quickly and the catalytic converter will be more efficient. CBUA engine all have the SAI Since I'm venting to atmosphere, both my breather and PCV hose...
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    Oil Filter Housing Assembly.

    Drain coolant and oil. Remove intake manifold, remove the hose that goes from the thermostat housing to the oil cooler. Then you should be able to proceed to the oil filter housing replacement (it's like 5bolts, look at the new part for their emplacement) Replace gasket and torque the bolt to...
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    It's Decided. 2.5 Turbo. Winter 2019

    If you have a filter on your catch can, you can block the "outlet" otherwise you will have to put a filter on the outlet As for the breather hose, I would put a filter on it. You could plug it to the intake piping but you would need something to prevent boost going in the breather I don't have...
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    What did you do to your MK6 2.5 today?

    VLAND it's around 600$cad before taxes
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    It's Decided. 2.5 Turbo. Winter 2019

    The adapter : Not a PCV delete, but yeah instead of depressurizing into the intake manifold it goes in the catch can
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    It's Decided. 2.5 Turbo. Winter 2019

    What fuel pump did you decided to use ? As for the breather and PCV hose, 1/4 is way too small. I'm not sure if going from 5/8 to 3/8 would affect the PCV system performance in a way you would notice, but it would be better to run 5/8". Running smaller hose reduce the maximum volume of flow and...
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    What did you do to your MK6 2.5 today?

    New headlights for the 2.5T :) The sound is a bad bearing from the AC pulley
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    Mobil1 GL-5 synthetic gear lubricant LS?

    Never used it, as long as it's 75w90 it should do the job. I would recommend to stick with OEM gearbox oil and also if the transmission works well, I wouldn't change the fluid since it's a "lifetime oil" Some people used synchromesh and said it was better, but the viscosity is different and...
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    Turbo build thread

    I don't drive the car in winter and I kind of lost track of the build, but here is a quick update :) The DW65V pump failed and haven't been able to use the warranty... Not that their pump cost around 400$CAD and it only lasted a month... Anyway, I switched for a RS4 B7 pump and it's way better...