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    2011 gti 120k miles, Portland OR asking 7k

    No sir they do not. And these are just at the crank. I would state you have APR stage 2 burned on, but I wouldn't go so far as to post clearly fictional power specs (come on, you know you're not pushing 400hp/400tq in your car) on a forum with 99% enthusiasts running the same setups. I would...
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    2011 gti 120k miles, Portland OR asking 7k

    This is wildly inaccurate.
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    Wanting to replace the compressor solenoid with the RKX version...

    Alright so my compressor hasn't been working in some time, more than a year, and I bought the RKX solenoid a while back and have been meaning to install it, but no shop nearby wants to tackle the job, and if they do, they want upwards of $400+ for it... quoting removal of HVAC system or front...
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    Rear Shock Absorber Replacement

    Total necropost here but the site says this doesn't fit a MK6 GTI?
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    Xenon replacement

    Hey man, how are these holding up? Still look good?
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    My timing chain jumped a tooth, and I think my mechanic and dealership are partly to blame. What to do next?

    You should be covered under the extended warranty, no? Do you not live in the US?
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    Rusted underbody metal bar

    you think that's bad? take a look at the bracket under your rain tray. I have no idea why those things rust over so bad, but mine is literally flaking apart. No idea how to fix that shit either and it's the same story with everyone's car from what I've seen.
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    2011 GTI Steering wheel shakes at highway speeds, especially on acceleration...

    Ended up being belt separation on all four tires. BF Goodrich g-force comp 2s. Trying to get BFGR to pay up. I got some bad ball joints, and one rear shock too.
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    Got warranty letter from VW today

    Here's hoping they do the mech unit next.
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    Got warranty letter from VW today

    Wait wtf... when did they do that and which vehicles were included?
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    Engine squeal, jumping rpms

    Get the upgraded diaphragm from RKX, swap it on and never need to swap these out again.
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    Had misfires on all cylinders

    Sounds like it might be fouled sparks and/or coils too. Positive pressure in the crank case causes oil to push through all crevices, this includes the spark/coil housings. Check those items for oil residue, clean or replace. It'd be worth it to have the new codes scanned at a place like Autozone...
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    Long Crank, start then dies... not getting fuel

    Not trying to hijack but I ran similar blocks on a warmed up engine and got these. They fall within spec per ross-tech's site but I can't seem to hear the pump prime in the morning anymore.
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    Vibration when braking, please help.

    Check to make sure your intake tubing isn't resting on your brake fluid res.
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    Long Crank, start then dies... not getting fuel

    You're making me second guess myself with that fuel pump priming thing. I can't recall the last time I heard it. Are you aware of any way to check the LPFP or HPFP accurately with vagcom for issues?