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    MFD LCD faded/dim. What do I do?

    If you go with the DD, make sure to update us on how it looks/works
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    Are these still the required bolts for Engine/Trans mounts?

    Going to replace the engine/trans mounts at some point in the near future and wanted to obviously use new bolts. Wanted to double check that these were the right bolts/part#'s. Drivers Trans Mount Qty 4 | N-905-969-06 Qty 3 | N-105-524-02 Passenger Engine Mount Qty 2 | N-105-524-02 Qty 1...
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    Uneven hole in head

    I see some rough machining edges on the inside past the retainer bracket, but it's likely been there since the car was new. I don't see why anyone or anything would suddenly make those edges or cause them from just filling with a plastic oil bottle. I would ignore it to be honest, but I wouldn't...
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    2013 GTI Help with exhaust image - A used car dealer trying to get one over.

    If your wife is looking for reliability, I would say a 10 year old turbo VW with a history of being throttled doesn't feel like a solid choice. My 2011 GTI has only 60k miles on it and it has been through the ringer. I don't track or race it nearly as much as some do, and I've had a full...
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    Timing chain kit & Auxiliary water pump replacement Golf 6 TSI 118kw

    If you hit a power loss due to timing chain stretch you got insanely lucky. You were probably a dickhair away from complete failure and a new engine in your future. Go play the lottery next.
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    2013 GTI Help with exhaust image - A used car dealer trying to get one over.

    the first image is skewed a bit right? That's definitely not showing everything in proper proportions so the arrow is pointing to what looks like a cat and it's probably longer than you are seeing it here. Almost looks like a CBFA APR pipe, but I doubt it. CBFA downpipes will have 3 O2 sensor...
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    Heads up for those with awful MPGs

    might wanna check sparkplugs next.
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    ASPEC Throttle Body pipe (new unused)

    Hey hey, just checking if there's any interest. I know these aren't typically sold on their own, but I have an ASPEC throttle body replacement pipe for 2.0T platform. May fit other platforms, but I bought it to fit on the TSI gen of the EA888. Never used or installed. Gonna probably toss it up...
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    P2015 and Subsequent P2187, & P2279 Errors

    Depends. If the damage is already done (sounds like it is), you'll waste time and money replacing just the arm to not rectify your problem. I would recommend checking all intake piping first, in-particular the intake charge pipe and the connection there for any gaps or damage, and then replace...
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    Can I get a moment of silence?

    ooooof and only under stage 2 power?
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    Can I get a moment of silence?

    Did you have the tensioner upgraded?
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    throttle hang?

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    Help! EPC error! It doesn't turn more than 4000 rpm!

    double-take as in taking a second look since I didn't expect them to give me a different (more expensive) oil pan. A reaction to an unexpected result.
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    Help! EPC error! It doesn't turn more than 4000 rpm!

    I lucked out when the dealer replaced my engine under warranty. They hooked it up with a pan that has that connector on it. Haven't wired it, probably won't, but I remember double-taking the oil change after replacement.
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    Clicking noise coming from airbag

    Did they even have a fix for the clockspring? I'm under the recall, but last I heard they didn't know how to approach the issue.