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    Magoo's '14 CW GTI

    Long time lurker, but I'm finally getting to the point where I want to keep track of what I've done to the car and I prefer forums to FB. Photos are below for the filthy casuals that want to skip all the reading. Apologies in advance for the parentheses, it's just how my writing process works...
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    DIY - TT-RS control arm bushings, without a press

    I'd have to assume so, but I noticed the difference in the offset of the mounting 'flange'. I'd say it'll bolt up, but how that changes the orientation/alignment of the control arm, I have no clue.
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    DIY - TT-RS control arm bushings, without a press

    They look the same, but different part number. TTRS shows only one part number for both L/R, 8J0199231. Whereas the S3/RS3 show left and right side, e.g. Left- 1K0199231N and Right - 1K0199232N
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    Genuine Ross-tech Micro-CAN Cable + Toshiba N500

    Sorry bud, I actually bought this a few weeks ago. Not sure the OP is on here often and might have forgot to update the thread.
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    burning oil, why?

    That's good news for you. You said you replaced it in the first post, however a $40 PCV is a red flag... most lower tier/generic brand parts can absolutely work with no issues, but I have seen many of the cheaper "new" parts fail immediately or be faulty before even being installed. You're...
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    burning oil, why?

    Yeah, spark plugs. You're going to be checking for residue/deposits or even a shiny black coating. Google image search: oil fouled spark plug. Personally though, I wouldn't go solely off of the spark plugs. I'd do a compression test or have one done. Low compression #s on any or all cylinders...
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    burning oil, why?

    OP... these questions went unanswered, and are actually helpful to help you pinpoint where the oil is going; it can only go so many places. It's either leaking from the rear main (see above where trans meets engine question), or its getting burned up somewhere (rings, valve stem seals, etc.)...
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    Xenon replacement

    Regardless of the issues you ran into, its still a hell of a lot better than some hazy lens. I was going to do the oven, but seeing that you used a heat gun; it might be easier to control where the heat is applied. How much of a pain was it to take the old lens off?
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    Wheel Rubbing on Coilovers

    If it wasn't rubbing and now it is, something has moved. Front subframes are known to shift and they are how you are to adjust the stock cars camber from the factory; that could have potentially caused the alignment to go out-of-wack enough to cause an interference issue between the wheel and...
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    Xenon replacement

    I've "seen" people replace the lens multiple times on FB, so it's technically feasible. I'd say if they're stripped of most everything that can be removed, it shouldn't damage anything. At least this is what I tell myself, as I've been dragging my feet on this exact project for more than a year...
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    Any news on the MkVI GTI?

    Lol. Is this what bots do nowadays?
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    What did you do to your MK6 today?

    Funny, I actually worked with Welty when he opened Fixx Tuning.
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    What did you do to your MK6 today?

    Yep, just a picture showing of what he was describing. 👍
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    FS: Volk Racing 2pc GT-V 18x8 +40 So Cal - Bronze Burst $800

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    IE K04 Turbo MK6 2.0T TSI $600

    He is. Looks like he's banking on an established account making it not look like a scammer. Doing the same in the wheels/tires section here and the mk7 forums: