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    East Coast Pipeline Down

    Yeah, everything you said is true. Except the libtard snark. I think our fearless leaders are just trying to shut off the taps before we can switch on all the lights. Seems like a bad strategy to me. Choking off the supply when the demand hasn't fallen off isn't going to work, I don't think...
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    East Coast Pipeline Down

    One of the few things I believe in completely, is the incredible fragility of all these marvellous systems we've created; every kind of infrastructure, communications, financial markets, supply chains, all of it. I don't have any opinion on what Biden has to do with this ransom hack, past...
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    East Coast Pipeline Down

    I once spent a winter living in a borrowed RV in Northern Canada, out of work, making decisions like "do I put gas in the truck to look for work, or feed me and the dog?"... she and I split way too many cans of tuna for dinner. I also saw that town burn down, and about 80,000 people evacuate on...
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    New Ad Popup - Anyway around it?

    AdGuard on Safari; I've never seen an ad on this site.