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    FS: Ross-Tech Micro-CAN cable - VAG-COM - VCDS

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    FS: 18 inch Wheels & Blizzak LM-60 Winter Tires - Vaughan

    Wheels are in perfect condition as you can see in the pictures. - 18x8 et45 - 5-112 - CB 66.6 (come with 57.1 centring rings) - ball seat (fits factory bolts) Tires are Blizzak LM-60 used for 2 winters. SOLD Pictures...
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    FS: 2011 GTI - 4 door - DSG - Vaughan

    The car is in excellent condition inside and out and it's been taken car of mechanically very well. Oil changed every 10,000 km and DSG fluid and filter ahead of schedule as well. The only issues I've had with it in 5 years are having to replace the intake manifold twice under warranty. VW has...
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    FS: GTI Magnaflow Catback

    I've had it for about 3 years...lots of surface rust but the tips are in good condition. Text or call 647-219-2702 for quickest response...I'm located in Maple. SOLD
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    NGK - PFR7Q - 7963 Spark plugs - Brand new Bought few months ago and never installed. $70 shipped anywhere in Canada. Text or call 647 219 2702
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    Intake manifold warranty work and TD1 flag

    Has anyone had warranty work done anywhere on a vehicle with ECU tune? I need to have my intake manifold replaced. There is extended warranty until 2020 and 196k km and 2 dealers that I checked with are refusing to do the work. Georgetown VW did it in 2014 even though the vehicle was flagged...
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    Golf GTI H&R Sport Springs

    $175 Around 15,000 km on them. Located in Brampton. Call or message 647-219-2702.
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    Georgetown VW intake valve cleaning?

    Anyone had their valves cleaned at Georgetown? They have my car to replace the intake manifold under warranty and offered to clean the valves for $225. I have no idea what method they use, but the car has less than 80,000 km on it and was not running rough at all before the manifold sensor...
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    Isla Vista shootings

    Shit I hate Canada
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    Fuelly - Where are my mileage conscious people at?

    I've been getting 19-20 mpg lately Sent from my SGH-I527M using Tapatalk
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    Confirmed Vw Golf R400

    A Stage 2 Gold R will yield about 400 bhp...I don't understand what the big deal is???
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    Help me decide - S4 Wheels

    It's funny people feel better about buying something because it costs more. There is not a single thing that VMR holds over Alzor in terms of quality or durability. Both brands are manufactured in Taiwan, both come with a TÜV Rheinlan approval and both are stamped with JWL and VIA. Wheels are...
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    The amount of BMW owners on here is TOO DAMN HIGH! #19

    Why are you looking for a booty call? Sent from my SGH-I527M using Tapatalk