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    Multimeter Question

    LED are almost always DC, there may be some exceptions, but by nature since an LED is a diode, it only allows current through in one direction. Using AC would mean that half of the current would be blocked because the diode works as a one-way valve, only allowing current through half the time.
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    What the hell is wrong with my GTI!!?

    Timing chain? Carbon build up? How many miles do you have on the car, there are plenty of things that could be causing your issues, but without knowing the condition of the car, and what maintenance you've done, we'll just be guessing.
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    The Random / "Stupid" Questions Thread

    Yes, this is normal, and actually very clever. The wipers move so that they are not stored with the same side of the blade against the glass. My moving slightly it switches which side of the blade is resting on the glass, therefore switching which direction the blade is bent. This keeps the...
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    The Random / "Stupid" Questions Thread

    These guys already have you on the right track. At some point, someone pulled the wipers off (maybe to make removing the soundaktor easy) but they didn't put them back on exactly where they should have. Before you go pulling them off, make a mark on the wiper, and the shaft spline so that you...
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    Help with upgrading my stereo

    There are plenty of good touch screens available, in a wide range of prices. What is important to you? Do you want: CD capabilities CarPlay or Andriod Auto Wireless CarPlay Advanced tuning features Capacitive touchscreen, or is resistive fine Retain steering wheel controls Retain audio info in...
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    The Random / "Stupid" Questions Thread

    I've replaced mine. I'll have to double check where I ordered it from, it might have just been Ebay. I've disassembled the interior in this car several times, and I'll warn you that the hatch trim piece that you need to remove is probably the worst piece to deal with. It comes off easily...
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    The Random / "Stupid" Questions Thread

    Anyone in the know is aware that the tires are a huge contributor to cabin noise. I suggest wrapping your tires with a couple of sheets.
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    The Random / "Stupid" Questions Thread

    I've disassembled pretty much every piece of the interior, I can help you with sound deadening. I have a bunch of photos, but I don't typically document my work, so they may not be useful. Also, I build SQ car stereos, so I know most of the science behind sound deadening, and acoustics. I...
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    Sunglass holder rattle fix!

    There are much easier ways of fixing this, for sure! I was disassembling it anyway to inspect how the parts worked, and to line the inside. I wouldn't necessarily recommend going through this much effort if all you need to do is fix the lid rattle, but maybe the photos are useful for someone...
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    Was the mk6 suspension always a little on the harsher side?

    With the stock suspension, and 18" wheels, the mk6 ride is defenitely uncomfortable at times. It's a great balance between comfort and performance, but it favors performance more than comfort. You're not crazy thinking the ride can be a little too rough on certain surfaces. With the OEM...
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    Sunglass holder rattle fix!

    You should try soft tacos, they don't rattle as much.
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    Stereo Face Surround Trim Fram

    Someone totally botched that install. It looks like they bought the wrong adapter, and tried to salvage it by using the install cage. The cage is not needed in our cars with an appropriate kit. Buy this:
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    Too short for Golf TDI Clutch

    I am 5'6" and have absolutely no problem pushing the clutch to the floor. As mentioned above, check the seat rails to see if something is in the way. There's no way that VW built a small hatchback that only 6' tall people could drive. Find whatever is keeping the seat from sliding forward...
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    Paint peeling on inside of front fender liner

    Somebody was doing burnouts on a dirt road during some point in that car's life.