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  • Hey what's up man? My name is Adrien, no i don't think we have, I just saw you were located like 10 mins away from me, and know a hell of alot more about gti's than me haha! ok cool man, my number is 443-564-5759. I'm gonna try and hit up the parkville dd meet, and belair ones...literally have no one to cruise with so always lookin to meet up!
    Sweet. Thats my plan basically. I might go with RAI and try the synapse DV setup just to try something different but thats my eventual plan too. Finishing the suspension and brakes this year with a few other things. What intercooler are you going to run?
    Nice. I just bought the APR K04 kit and downpipe from NGP. Just waiting for the downpipe to arrive to get it all installed. I'm pretty stoked. They seem like good people up there.
    Hey, just saw the message you had sent me. Need to find more rubbers in Baltimore. I see a decent number of mk6's in the city. You ever been to NGO up in Aberdeen?
    whats goin on man i didnt kno if you had access to Vagcom. i have a idle issue i need to get to the bottom of before h20i...let me kno either waythanks
    sounds good dude. my name's tyler btw. if you see me at the meet i have the black eurotag [A-YE 8642] in my window.
    Yea I go to the Golden Ring/Home Depot meet Sunday nights at 8 and a lot of people go to that wendy's afterwards I believe.

    But I can't wait to put the exhaust on this weekend. No time between work on weekdays. And yes I was looking into downpipes. Still doing some research on them.
    not much bro. yeah just got my 2011 gti not too long ago, just put a k&n cai + litterally just got my Borla exhaust today. i live in Rosedale only about 20min from Towson. i go to towson quite often mainly for the mall, recher and hookah bar. but im def down for meets. tho my weekday schedule is quite busy with work, weekend meets i could def make.
    yeah, if i do decide to pull the trigger I'll probably follow suit and get the whole thing. thanks for your help man. (btw the finish on those tips are freaking sweet :p)
    that's good news. so you can run a stage 2 flash off your exhaust set up right? I was looking on the site and they sold the exhaust and downpipe separately so I wasn't sure if I needed to get both...
    Hey your Ultimate Racing set up is exactly what I was looking for. Just had a quick question. Are you running stop DP? Does the UR exhaust line up with the stock good or did you have to do anything special for fitment? Or am I being dumb and the UR exhaust comes with the DP? Thanks
    My turboback is 3 inch all the way back and straight through 3 resonators that are oval. Im stage 2 test pipe file apr as I don't have a catalytic converter. You don't really lose any torque. The torque band is smoothed out and longer actually. The torque just doesn't peak as fast and then drop off as fast as well.
    Hey man, so you got a TBE, but not stage 2? is the whole talking about reduced low end power true, or is there something else?

    Sorry for the curiosity, i am not blessed with an APR dealer in my country, so gotta send it out to get it shipped, so i though i might as well go right away with stage2+APR DP for more power and less hassle.

    Let me know :)
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