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    IE Stage 2 without intake

    IE states that an intake is required for their Stage 2
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    Mk6 beetle turbo boost leak sound but no boost leak?

    My GTI made a hissing noise on boost and would get louder when on full boost, the diaphragm was completely destroyed and my diverter valve would get stuck(I lost boost because of it, it was also a Rev C diverter Valve). Maybe have a look at your exhaust, could be that?
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    Mk6 beetle turbo boost leak sound but no boost leak?

    The GTI had issues with the dirverter valve and would cause hissing noises. It could be that?
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    DSG Clunk Engaging Drive

    *Update* I took my car to a local VW specialist and the clutch pack has been replaced. It feels like new and the gear shifts are even quicker with no clunks whatsoever. On the other hand the mechatronic unit is apparently slightly leaking near a electrical connection point. A new mechatronic...
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    DSG Clunk Engaging Drive

    Cheers guys, the car feels pretty good driving it. Only first gear doesn't engage time to time (I've never launched it). I'll just keep an eye on to see if it gets worse or blows up haha
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    DSG Clunk Engaging Drive

    Hey guys, I've tried researching this for the last couple of days but I haven't had any luck. Hopefully you guys might be able to help me understand what is going on. When stationary I can charge from P to R and N with no issues, however when I change in to D there is a noticeable clunk or two...
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    Integrated Engineering Manifold

    Hey guys, I've searched the forums for someone using the IE manifold in Aus but can't find anything. Does anyone have it installed and what was the install like? Thanks!