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    2022 BRZ

    It really does!
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    Happy Thanksgiving!

    This year sucked big time but there are still a lot of things to be thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!
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    What to do with an old, faulty car?

    Sell it.
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    ChiChat19: 10k Posts Achieved In Revived Dead Thread

    Nice choice of rims and tires.
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    The UK might ban fossil fuel cars by 2030

    They have another 10 years to save up for an EV.
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    New owner of a '12 R CW 4d

    Congrats on winning!
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    Carmakers and Profits during COVID

    Good to know that the car manufacturers are still making profits.
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    HI guys!

    Have you ever found out what was causing the issue?
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    Music Tastes. Share yours!

    I listen to all types of music except for Gospel, Metal and Classical music.
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    WTB oem wheels and tires for my MK6

    What type of tires are you looking for? Are you also into aftermarket rims? Both are available on 4wheelonline. Check them out.
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    New Tires

    I used to have Toyo Proxes A20 Tires on my 2010 Volkswagen Golf 6 GTI MK6. I am planning to replace them with Hankook Ventus Prime tires. Does anyone here have experience with Hankook tires?
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    Sizing rims

    They have a wide selection. I don't know what to go for.
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    torga's Daily Build - black, 6mt, two-door shenanigans

    It does look better! :)
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    Was this a good deal?

    Sounds like a good deal to me.