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    Japanese TV tuner UK?

    Hi all, I hope your well and knowledgable lol. I have recently acquired a MK 6 Japanese import Golf, it’s a R however it’s a general question. It came as standard with a factory fitted RNS510, TV tuner and reversing camera. The TV tuner does not work, it just shows some kind of test chart...
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    What’s your best MPG in sensible mode?

    Top Trumps, you win! 🥳
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    What’s your best MPG in sensible mode?

    Just thought I would share this with you guys, Ive recently completed a long trip, with cc set to 65mph (I know this completely defeats the object of having a R) with DSG and I recently got 36.9mpg! I am genuinely Over the moon with this, the R is a everyday car!
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    Haldex/Traction Issues

    I’m late to this but the gen 4 haldex has a serviceable filter just like the 2nd gen (mk5 R32) that needs changing every 20k. VW in their infinite wisdom say the filter does not need changing and you can’t buy them from them, it doesn’t exist as far as they are concerned. they can be changed...
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    Hello, im

    Hi all, I’m Jim and new here. I’ve finally got the car I’ve been after for the last 9 years, a 2011 mk6 R! It’s mint and a great replacement for my 4motion TDI mk5! I’ve ran VCDS and I’ve got two faults as below, the TV tuner and CD changer. It has a TV Tuner as it’s a Japanese import, it’s...