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    WTB: intercooler

    Stock or aftermarket?
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    FS: OEM GTI Monster Mats, ECS Skid Plate, Trunk Mat & OE Style Golf R Side Skirts

    Well if you decide to ship, just let me know.
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    FS: OEM GTI Monster Mats, ECS Skid Plate, Trunk Mat & OE Style Golf R Side Skirts

    How much to ship the side skirts to 33825?
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    FS: New front bumper cover

    Can you explain to me exactly what you are selling or at least post a picture for us dummies? ;-) Thanks
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    3in Eurojet cat back exhaust

    Where in Florida are you located? DM me some pics of the exhaust please.
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    Cooling fan HELP!

    I had the same issue as you, but backwards. Big fan was working but the small A/C fan was not. So I basically replaced the whole fan unit (both fans), which was cheaper, and it works perfectly fine now!
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    Billy Boat turbo back exhaust, Apr carbonio intake, H&R rear swaybar

    Still no shipping? Interested in the catback😁
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    Fully parting out my 2dr DSG GTI -- **temporarily not shipping**

    If the headliner still available, what is the shipping cost to 33825 (FL)? Is it for model with sunroof or without sunroof?
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    Misc Mk6 parts for sale (Atlanta)

    Is the Rear console cupholder still available? Very interested!
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    FS: Neuspeed P-Flo Intake

    Selling a red Neuspeed P-Flo intake. It's in great conditions! Filter is still usable, but should probably be changed out sooner or later. Intake is already taken off and ready for sale! SOLD I'll post some pics later on. DM if interested in a few pics taken with my cell.
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    FS: GTI Plaid Seats (4-Door)

    Selling front and rear GTI plaid seats, off a 4 door. ANY offer takes them!. Local only please! I want them GONE! Great conditions, no tears! I'm located in Central Florida! PM me for pics!