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    FS: VMR V705 Silver 18x8 with tires (NJ - Pick Up Only)

    SOLD Hi, up for sale are my VMR V705 wheels - 18x8 et45 in Hyper Silver - with Bridgestone RE-11 tires - 225/40/18 and VW center caps. The wheels are in great condition. A few small chips as you can see in pics below. Also a few small scuffs from normal wear and tear that are barely...
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    Thinking about a 2015 Mustang GT after loans are payed off

    I too plan way advance into my future sometimes. At first I was stuck between the F80 M3 or an S4. But ultimately decided that I want my next car to be AWD - so it looks like I'm getting an S3 or S4 in the next 2-3 years.
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    Should I buy an e30?

    Don't know much about either car. But I would get the E30, just cause it looks fifty times better than the Miata imo.
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    WTB: VMR V705 Wheels

    All vendors and sites seem to be sold out indefinitely. If anyone is looking to sell theirs, I'm willing to buy. I'm only interested in 18x8 et45 in Hyper Silver color. Thanks for viewing. Edit 5/9/15 - Picked up wheels from HYDE16. This thread can be closed now.
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    Hey fellow forum goers! New member here!!!

    Welcome. You should've gotten an s2k instead.
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    POLE - Do you care?

    I care too much.
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    Whats your occupation?

    Desktop Administrator