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  • Hi John, I need help. I recently bought the stage 2 tune and downpipe from dap. But I loaded the stage 1+ because I didnt have time to install the dp. So today I install the dp, but when I go to flash the ecu I only have stock, stage 1 and 1+ options. Thanks in advance
    Hi, I have a newbie question. I seen the unitronic stage 2 use 93 gas. I live in California and there is no 93 gas around my place. is the stage 2 tune support 91 octane gas too?
    Hey John,

    got a stage 2 for a gti mk7 from pfaff a couple weeks ago. took it to the track and it goes into limp mode after a couple of gears gets red lined. the problem was brought up right away to pfaff. wondering if you came out with the fix yet? it kind of annoying because i have to do extra gear changes at the track. please keep them updated.

    Hi John!
    If you have a chance, I submitted a post, my very first and only one yet! I am Unitronic stage 2+ user. I dream with an answer from you. Best regards.

    I just went stage 1+ when i was home on R&R and i also have a carbino intake on the car but have been noticing a very strong discharge when you are on 1/4 throttle, my tranny is a DSG, what can i do to combat this, do i need a larger outlet pipe? BTW my hp seemed normal but the TQ was a little odd... please help me, currently deployed and will be adding supporting mods when i get back.
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