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    OEM White LB9A touch up paint pens

    A few years ago, I purchased a set of Candy White LB9A touch up pens from an Ebay seller but the clear coat never flowed properly. As a result, the paint has grayed and I'm having difficulty finding the paint again. Does anyone have suggestions how to resolve the graying or know where I can get...
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    Radio upgrade question

    I have a late 2010 MK VI Golf that came equipped with a funky Premium 7 HU, stock speaker system, no subwoofer. I have the opportunity to get an RCD-510 in good shape, but it only makes sense if it sounds better. In addition, I've been told by VW service managers that the MFI will have to be...
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    VCDS question re: radio upgrading

    My base Golf shipped with the Premium 7 which sounds like crap. I really want to upgrade to the RCD-310/510 or possibly the RCD-330. The dealer says if I go with an OEM head unit that's different than what I have, it will require lots of Vag Com programming. I'm wondering if this is true and if...
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    Passinger side mirror repair

    When I was backing out of the carport, I didn't realize I was so close to the right side pillar and it knocked the passenger mirror off. Has anyone had this happen and if so, do you know what it might cost to repair it? I'm curious if I will have to buy the entire assembly rather than the...
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    Upgrading to RCD-510 AE

    I currently have a base model Golf with the single CD/radio head unit (Premium 7?). I've installed an Alpine KTP 445U and it sounds better. I found a great deal on an RCD 510 AE (incl. the code) but some of the forums I've read state installing it requires the dealer to program the MFI for it...
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    Bluetooth question

    I have a base 2 door Golf with the Premium 7 Head Unit and the radio manual says nothing about BT capabilities. HOWEVER, under the passenger seat there's the black Styrofoam cover over what appears to be a Bluetooth module. When I turn Bluetooth on in my Galaxy S phone settings, it shows I can...
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    Base Golf speaker replacement suggestions

    After lots of research around ways to improve the sound quality coming from my Premium 7 HU, I've decided to start with the speakers since they're obviously garbage. I'm looking for recommendations to replace the front component set (coax and tweeters), though for it would be nice to find an...
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    Alpine KTP 445U w/ Premium 7 head unit question

    I've been exploring ways to improve the sound quality of the Premium 7 head unit. In the process I took it to the top independent car radio installer who after listening said changing the head unit will not make any difference. A recommended option is adding the Alpine KTP 445U, 45 w/channel...
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    RCD 510 AE version question

    Has anyone encountered one of these where the unit doesn't have the phone button yet is OEM? An Ebay seller claims theirs came out of a 2012 TDI and looks legit, but from what I know, all the AE versions have the phone button don't they? See the label photo attached and let me know your thoughts...
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    RCD 510 vs Premium 7

    My car is a base model and cam equipped with the Premium 7 head unit (see photo). Someone local listed an RCD-510HD taken from a 2013 VW Tiguan complete with codes that I might be able to snag for $200. The sound quality in my head unit sucks to put it plainly. Though since they're both made by...
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    Golf R rubber mats for base Golf?

    A local guy that sold his 2013 Golf R has a brand new set of rubber mats I can get for $40. But according to Amazon's auto accessory page it states these won't fit my car. Does anyone know if the Golf R floorpan is different than the standard Mark VI Golf? Thanks
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    Mark VII monster mats for a Mark VI Golf?

    Curious if anyone here knows whether mats from a 2015 GTI would fit in a 2011 Golf. A local guy has a well priced set or nearly new GTI Monster mats and my driver side mat is falling apart. I have the round type mat connectors in my car now and so does the mats for his GTI. And yes I know the...
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    What model head unit is this?

    I'm in the bay area and a VW Audi auto wrecker is parting out a 2010 Golf similar to mine but has a different head unit. I have a very basic mono LCD unit which I believe is called the Premium 7 and want to upgrade. I know this unit doesn't have nav but I would think it's a step up. They want...
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    Shimmy in steering wheel at 62-65 mph

    My Mark VI Golf has new 16" alloys and tires off a 2016 Golf which were balanced and had the sensors installed several months ago at 56,400 miles. The car has 57,300 now and from time to time I notice a shimmy in the steering wheel when I hit 62+'s not outrageous by any means though I'm...
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    Suitcase + resonator delete question

    I have a base 2.5 Golf and have deleted the suitcase muffler and replaced with stainless pipe and dual tips. I'm curious if anyone has done this along with deleting the resonator and if so, what it sounds like. I don't want it to be too loud nor have a droning thing going on. I had expected the...