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  • whats up bro i see how you have experience with the stage 3 drop in disc i ordered one from ecs but the one i have looks nothing like the pics on the website it is sprung and is made by sachs but ecs is trying to tell me this is a stage 3 disc any input? much appreciated..
    Just let me know. I can do anything this weekend if you get the car but I'm free after that.
    The car I am looking at is a 4 door with MSRP of $31,635, looks like the 4 door option is running $600 so that still leaves a little room. I may be tracking you down in the near future - once i take delivery of the car for some tweaks!! Trying to figure out if the 510 nav is worth the cost and then some minor tweaks like the euro DRL switch and I really want the damn puddle lights. I am heading back down tonight to look at the car, and maybe pick it up. The dealer has called me twice this week so he is wanting to make the sale.

    hey man - checked who has a vag-com in the area and saw your post. Where are you located? I am down in Bowling Green - looking to buy the cousin to your car same thing with autobahn. Dealer in Nashville has me at 29.8 plus tax and is not budging. Still thinking of doing the deal
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