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  • KanDyWyte;16242]SO.. originally my passenger-rear (4-door) window seal had to be replaced because when I rolled the window up the seal would stick to the window and eventually be forced down because of the pinch resistant windows. NOW on that same door, I noticed an odd accumulation of water in random honeycombs on my monster floor mat in the back... well it turns out after a long day of rain that water is running from the top down the door pillar and coming in the car just under the door speaker!!!! Whoever assembled this door in Wolfsburg should be relived of his position. Haha!! Currently waiting for the dealer to acquire the new seal.

    What ended up fixing this issue for you. I just bought a new to me 2010 GTI (4 Door)and am having the exact same issue with my passenger rear door. Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

    Originally Posted by Brum85 View Post
    I have a 4 door.
    24 years old
    Clean record.
    Geico full coverage.
    $95 a month.

    I'm on there with my wife who has an 09 Jetta, so that gets me some nice discounts.

    Ha! I have the same setup (full coverage/24 yo/4-door/clean record...except I'm single) and my sister is my ALLSTATE agent.
    I pay $90/month.

    Think she can help out others on here? love to sign up if she can let me know.
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