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    Engine trouble - misfires what I've tried, what's next?

    It sounds to me like the spark plug failed. I would recommend pulling the cylinder one plug and inspecting, I would almost bet money you have significant carbon tracking on the plug (it will look like a black or dark gray line up the porcelain of the plug). Also, I believe cylinders one and four...
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    P2015 and Subsequent P2187, & P2279 Errors

    Bummer. But, we know the updated intake manifold does fix the issue, and seems to hold up well over time.
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    Misfire/overboost help

    I would do all four injectors (and plugs) if it were me. Having the intake off for access is enough of a PITA to make it worthwhile.
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    Camshaft bracket/Cam bridge

    I agree. The amount you will spend on a replacement bridge is well worth the peace of mind.
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    P2015 and Subsequent P2187, & P2279 Errors

    I believe the CBFA engines are covered for longer and more mileage. Definitely contact you VW dealer to be sure if you have coverage. Mine is a CBFA and was past the ten year mark when VW warrantied my intake manifold.
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    P2015 and Subsequent P2187, & P2279 Errors

    I tried to repair mine with this kit, it did not work at all. Double check with your local VW dealer, you may still have extended warranty coverage on the intake manifold replacement.
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    SAI Faults. Possible sensor. Where is it?

    I had a P2431 on my car a while back, it ended up being rabbit chewed wiring. Make sure you inspect the wiring thoroughly before jumping straight to parts swapping.
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    Broken manifold stud, Advice..FML

    Since every welder is different, and lots of things affect them like ambient temp and elevation, it doesn't do a lot of good to start with someone else's specs. I recommend setting up your MIG welder by welding some practice beads on steel and fiddling with the settings until you are satisfied...
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    Broken manifold stud, Advice..FML

    We use a MIG welder, although you might be able to use flux core (we haven't tried).
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    Broken manifold stud, Advice..FML

    We fight broken exhaust studs like this in my shop quite often. Our best solution is to drill a hole in the middle of the broken stud, maybe 1/2 inch deep. Then fill the hole with MIG welding until a good amount of the weld bead is sticking out of the hole. Place a nut over the protruding weld...
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    What did you do to your MK6 today?

    I have one and I love my stupid DV spacer. But, I am a 37 year old child. Until it causes a rich code or I get tired of cleaning oil off my undercarriage I'll keep it. That third bolt is crazy easy if you have a lift, haha, I'm spoiled that way...
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    Best options for a fresh(ish) motor?

    When was your last carbon cleaning? Carbon building would explain all of your symptoms.
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    Tyre road noise issue

    Just remember that a wheel bearing can be tight and still very noisy. Their noise will perfectly mimic tire noise in a lot of cases.
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    Sunroof issues

    When I first got my car the sunroof would not close properly. If you pull the knob downward and forward while it is closing it will override the pinch protection and should close. The actual fix for mine was lubrication. I opened the sunroof, cleaned out all the old gunky grease, and using a...