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    Whats gonna fail next?

    I'm all about trying to replace parts before they fail. I just want a reliable car. I just rolled over 100k....waddya think I need to change out? I have a '14 and have already changed out the intake. I have a DV+ and I have a stage 1 stratified tune. Just changed plugs, and I change the oil...
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    Gloss black rear valance

    Anyone here painted their rear valance? I toyed with the idea of ordering a rear diffuser or maybe a carbon fiber piece....but in the end I just want to go gloss black on the stock piece. Anyone do this? Any tips for painting the plastic?
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    Weekend Car thoughts

    It is. I had a 03 wrangler and recently sold it because I'm planning a different jeep build. You got the best of both worlds. A tight nimble car in the GTI, and a fun off roader you can go anywhere with. Jeeps are certainly money pits. You have to know when to say when. Off road parts are...
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    Howling under boost

    Ok so I'm running a stage 1 stratified tune (Which I love)…...did the DV+ from GFB and upgraded the coil packs. I just recently replaced my intake because I was getting a code for the flappers. I cant say this issue started after the intake manifold replacement because I really don't know. I...
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    Running 93 on a 91 tune

    Ok so I am stage 1 and I am running stratifieds 91 tune. I just drove from California to Kentucky and cant find 91.....only 89 or 93 octane. Do you think this will be a problem? Ill be out here for a month and then I'm headed back to California. Yesterday I changed the map to Cobb's stage 1 93...
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    Louisville, KY?!?!?!

    Any local clubs or facebook groups in the Louisville area? I'll be down there in the area for about a month for work. If there are any meets or anything going on I'd love to stop out!
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    Detune for roadtrip?

    In about a month I am going to be driving from Sacramento to Kentucky.....and then back again. I just got the cobb access port and will be stage 1 with stratified tune. I'm also installing a DV+ and R8 coils. Its been awhile since I've headed east but if I remember, 91 octane isn't offered at...
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    Video I made of my non GTI pet project - Cafe Racer

    Awesome! Back in the day before I had kids I had a 76 CB 550 that I was slowly building into a café racer. Hopefully someday I can pick up another one because those bikes are so much fun.
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    I have found windex takes care of them pretty quickly. If I see a trail across the floor I wipe them up with windex and then spray the shit out of everything with bug spray
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    Stratified question

    Ok so I am going to go stage 1 with stratified.....this may seem like a dumb question but I want to be sure I don't mess anything up. When ordering, do you have to purchase the tune in addition to the accesport? The reason I ask is because when you click "Stage 1" it says you get a $50 credit...
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    Wheel shine

    What tire shine do you use? I'm tired of it flinging all over the sides of my car. I just want something that provides an ample shine but doesn't fling off. I've used turtle wax spray and armor all xtreme tire gel so far. Anyone with a recommendation? I don't put a ton on and usually it sits...
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    Officially Official NHL Thread, Finally.

    Well Ill be honest as much as I wanted OVIs name on the cup I fell into the romantics of the Knights winning the cup.....but regardless game 5 was awesome. I had it playing on my phone while I was at work and got ZERO accomplished because I couldn't look away. Exactly the reason I am a hockey...
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    No cover on rear shocks

    So, a few weeks ago I was installing Koni yellows on my car. On the rear I couldn't get the oem cylinder shock cover to work with the new bumbstops and decided to just leave it off. However, after driving around like this for awhile I'v grown worried that this is going to cause issues later on...
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    Officially Official NHL Thread, Finally.

    Agreed. So who wants it more? Caps fans that have been disappointed for so many years or Knights fans who wanna make history?